My Oliver has been gone for 43 days now and I have been upset more recently that I haven't received any signs from him that he's ok.  This has really been bothering me. I'm starting to think that may be I wasn't a good mommy.  So ever since Oliver died so tragically (he went missing and then was hit by a car) I stop every time I see a "lost dog" sign.  I did this before but now it seems like I'm more aware.  So four days ago I stopped and looked at a sign that was posted in my neighborhood.  Took a good look at the beautiful little boy that was in the photo...I got this strange feeling that I was going to find this boy and how wonderful it would be to be able to make that phone call to the owner that probably had been up for hours/days thinking about their dog.  A day later my boyfriend calls me out to the backyard and there he was.  He was very scared and had been hiding under our shed for who knows how long.  We call the owner or what we thought was the owner, come to find out this nice lady was fostering this dog, preparing him for the world.  He just came from a very abusive home so it might be awhile before he's ready.  We've been thinking about getting another dog since Oliver's passing but haven't made that decision yet as to when.  I keep thinking Oliver has sent me this sign but I'm not sure.  What do you all think about this?  Thanks for reading
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Wow, sounds like a divine match if you ask me.  But even if you decide not to get this dog, I would not stress about a sign.  I think I received mine when I stopped looking for one, and it took 3 months for me.  But think of your situation this way...imagine all the bad things that could have happened to that lost dog, and he ends up in YOUR backyard.  Sounds like a sign to me.  Maybe Oliver lead him to your yard because he knew what fabulous parents you were and wanted you to make another furbaby as happy as you made him.  Just a thought.
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I agree. That baby needs someone who cares!
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Oliver's mommy,

When my Kudo died, I got many signs right away.  When Nico died, it took longer.  Getting signs or not getting them doesn't mean you weren't a good mom to your precious Oliver.  In fact, seeing that lost dog poster and then finding that dog in your yard.  I would personally call that a sign.  What are the odds?

Did you find a personal draw to the little guy?  Stay in contact with that lady.  Go to visit on occasion.  I would personally feel a draw to that dog, almost as if Oliver had sent him.  Regardless of what you choose to do, finding THAT dog in YOUR yard...not a  random chance.

Three weeks after Nico died I had a dream that I found a small kitten(like 4 weeks old) on the street, but it was late at night.  I didn't have special formula to feed him or a bottle. The dream was so vivid that I went out the next day to buy formula, etc, just in case. At that store I found a small, scared, siamese kitten that had been saved by a local rescue group.  Well,  that little guy(my Marco) now lives with me. I had planned to wait 6 months or so; I wanted to grieve for my precious Nico who had just died from a 4 year battle with chronic renal failure.  I truly feel that Nico sent my Marco.

Thinking of you and your precious Oliver.


Karen,Kudo and Nico's mom
Earth mom to Marco and Bella
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Only you will know for sure if this is right for you but, Wow, how great would that be!   I also would say not to stress over a sign.  It certainly doesn't mean anything that you haven't received one yet.     However, the appearance of this lost dog could certainly be your sign!   I think you are smart to move slowly and make a good decision but I sure hope it all works out!  The thought of a dog who was abused coming into a loving home makes me so happy, even though I think it would take quite a bit of patience.  I'm sure an animal who has been through that will take some time to trust again.
What a neat story!  Please keep us posted on what you decide to do.
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I am confident that Oliver has sent you this baby who needs love and a good home.  Oliver knows that you need a special companion and this boy might just do the trick.  He will not lessen your pain, but he will bring joy to your house again.  Even if you decide you are not ready, it is a sign that you know you have love and compassion  in your heart.  Your heart will open again when the time is right.  Only you know if this boy has spoken to you.  Don't rush into it if you are not sure.  You can read my experience with a new baby on my beloved Ted's page.  Maybe it can offer you some comfort and guidance in your decision process. 
Barbara Lyngarkos
My Beloved Ted 8/7/2005 - 7/7/10
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Not to take from the thread or anything, because I think this could be a sign- but since we are talking about signs...

I've noticed everyone has received their signs from their beloved dogs. With the exception of possibly Nico?

Do cats not send signs?


R.I.P. Spider 7-16-10

You were very loved and will always, always be missed.
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l think its a sign if you feel it in your heart , 
My bubby has been gone 22 days  and everyday l have asked for her to send me a sign that  she's ok  it hasnt happened yet at times l think shes mad at me for having her put to sleep  and other times l think because l didnt bring her home she is lost  and cant find me sounds silly but thats how l think when lm really down,
Then sometimes l think she knows l fear dead bodies  and she doesnt want to frighten me.
l truly hope this was a sign for you , sure sounds like one maybe your precious Oliver wants you to give love to the dog obviously in need

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I often think they are too wrapped up in their new lives to send a sign, you know what dogs are like!  Probably going wild with all the other animals and new places to sniff!
I asked out loud for Toby to send me a sign, and an hour or so later he sent me the biggest brightest rainbow i have ever seen.  Today when i lifted his bed to vacuum under it i found several small pockets of what appeared to be ash under it - i had Toby cremated a month ago and i vacuum every day?
I think this pup was sent to you, i think Oliver knows how much you are hurting and didnt know how to heal your broken heart except send a new dog that you could help, you got him back to safety and love.

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As I started reading through your post about not receiving a sign and then the conviction you felt when you looked at that poster, I thought "a sign". And then when you found the puppy! I think the message is that yes, you can find a dog that is missing. You weren't able to find yours only because for some reason it wasn't meant to be. 

If you like the puppy just a little bit, it may also be a sign that he belongs with you and shouldn't go to an unknown fate.You may not  have been able to save Oliver, but you can save this doggie.

About two months ago I found a tiny week-old sea gull baby where I walk my dog at a man-made lake. It had been running around frantically for a long time, some nearby people told me. Since this is in the middle of a big city and it was in danger of getting run over by a car I decided to take it home and foster it until it was big enough to fend for itself.

Five or six weeks later it was flying around in my living room, now really big and healthy. I took it to a wildlife rehab where they will let it out into nature when they think it's ready (I made the mistake to feed it ground beef, which it loved, instead of herring, which I fed it in the beginning, and thereby it lost the waterproofing of its feathers...lesson learned!). It was sad to see the bird go, and it naturally ripped open some of the wounds of my loss of Boogie.

But it was a bit like experiencing an abbreviated pet-life, where you have it from little, and then you watch it grow (it grew incredibly fast) and then it is time to let it go. I think that was the message I got sent via this bird, from Boogie (who else would have sent this message to me).

Whatever you do, what a wonderful thing you experienced!

My Boogie died on 3/25/2010. She was the best dog anybody could ask for. I will be with her again when my time comes.

A drawing of Pax by Heather Spears. She specializes in bereavement and is wonderful to work with, she understands how we feel. She can be reached at spears.heather@gmail.com
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ABSOLUTELY!  What a great sign from your angel Oliver!  Good by, Oliver!  good, good boy!
My heart is battered and bruised, but I will not let it break. It holds such precious cargo, I must protect it now. (Susie Squillions)

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