I have an older computer and Microsoft and when I try and post a photo to the Forum, it says the image is too large - too many kilobytes. I don't know what to do. The photos were taken with my camera and I have no trouble posting them to other sites like Facebook, etc. Any suggestions? 
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You will need to resize your photos (make them smaller) before you try to insert them on your post.  This is how I do it

1) open the photo
2) Click on the tab that says "edit,organize or share"
3) When your photos open again, choose the original photo you selected.   Double click on it and it will open again.
4) Click on the tab that says "properties"
5) Click on "resize"
6) Go to the drop down box that is called "select a size".  The size I select is called "smaller 640".  It has always worked when I insert them on my posts.
7) Click "resize and save"
8) close your photos
9) When you try to insert the photo into your post, make sure you select the copy that is smaller, not the original.  It probably will be labelled with a size in brackets under the photo.

I hope that works for you.
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Thank you Bella, I appreciate your taking the time to try and help me. I printed out your instructions and tried to resize the photos. But my computer is an old one and my Windows XP is outdated. I did not get or see the options you listed. So, for the next several hours I opened file, edit and tools and tried everything I could to resize. After 2 hours, all I managed to do was change the captions under my photos from English to Bulgarian. How in the hell I managed to do that I'll never know. When the computer started making sounds like a Wookie, I decided to shut her down. Thanks anyway.
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