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We all question if we did enough or was/ is it 'the right' time to help our most loving and loyal companions over the bridge.  It's often too difficult when we're knee deep in the midst of grief and/or have little time to make the most important judgment call of our lives - knowing it will mean they're no longer by our side here on earth.  Then we battle with guilt afterwards - was it too soon or too late?

I wanted to share a Quality of Life scale to help pet parents assess if the end is near. HHHHHMM (Hurt, Hydration, Hunger, Hygiene, Happiness, Mobilty, More bad days than good) developed by a Hospice Nurse for animals (Pawspice). I wish I had this to help me when I lost my special boy, Patch, in February.  I have since found and saved it to help me when I face this painful time again with my special boy, Sam.  I use it to rate where he is now (thankfully healthy at 12) and I'm keeping a monthly check in journal so I can log the assessment along with his weight and other observations.  I SO WISH I had foresight to do this with Patch. He could still be here if I was objectively assessing his aging/ decline - perhaps I would've noticed a symptom that wasn't there before. 

Please look it this link below (or google) and honestly (critical to be honest) score each category. This will help you assess where your baby is in terms of living vs existing.  


Hoping this helps ease the burden of the agonizing decisions we're forced to make if you weren't already aware of it.

Love and peace to all. XO
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Thank you so much for sharing this Jennifer. Yes! So, so important to remember. I used the "Quality of Life Scale" in my decision to let my boy go. It can be so helpful to those facing that difficult decision.

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Thank you, James.  I'm so glad you had this information at that time - I'm sure it was helpful.  I don't understand why I never came across it before, or how about Vets let us know about this to help us! 
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