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To Mallorysue11,

You are not a terrible dog parent.  If there had been some reasonable hope of success you would have been willing to go $5000 into debt to save her.  That shows enormous love and commitment which many people would not make.   Yes, in the process of moving to a new town and dealing with everything that is involved with that you didn't immediately spay her.  Normally, this would not have mattered--you could have done it later and everything would have been fine.  Since the vet believes she was already old, she may have already had other complicating illnesses.  Sometimes animals die in the process of being spayed.   We never know what is going to happen with any of our fur babies regardless of how much medical care we give them.  We do the best we can.  Anyone who takes older animals from a shelter and gives them a good home is saving a life which otherwise would probably have been lost immediately.  Giving them a loving home so that their lives don't end in the misery of being unloved in a shelter is a wonderful thing to do.

Right now you are experiencing the terrible grief which goes with loss no matter how it happens.  It is common for some people to feel they want to die to escape the pain of this grief.  It is okay to feel that as long as you don't act on it.  Right now you can't even begin  to think of rescuing more dogs in the future--any you shouldn't take on that until you are ready sometime much later.

But you are a good dog parent.  Please don't deprive other animals in the future who need rescuing of your love, caring and talents because of this tragic event.

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