Four days ago, I bought the book Goodbye, Friend By Gary Kowalski on Amazon, I recieved it today.  I'm a little scared and sad to read it yet. Maybe tonight.  I'm in my computer room now, Winstons remains are lying in his favorite sopot in his box :( I take then into every room I go into in OUR house). Makes me feel better, like when he was alive.  I also plan to buy a Brass Plaque from somewhere. I will have it engraved with his Name in Capitol Letters, his D.O.B., The date of his passing, and the phrase from The Neil Young song I always played and cried to, when he was still alive, anticipating the terrible day when I wouldn't have Winston around anymore (strange I know) It will be engraved: Long May You Run !  Love and Miss you Terribly BABY BOY. Mommy XOXOXO
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Hi Winston's mom. I was scared to read the book I got Going Home finding peace when a pet dies by Jon Katz. I did though. It was inspirational and I read it in one day. I hope you find your book comforting. Your tribute to Winston will be wonderful.
Sending hugs
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Winstons mom, Nice ideas to honor Winston! Thanks for the "book" ideas. I'm sure everyone will find them helpful! Best wishes for peace.
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