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Coming here and reading all these messages is definitely helpful. I'm glad I found this site.
I wish more than anything I could turn back time.
Light - I am sorry you had to experience that. Cancer is absolutely awful and it is incredibly hard to watch a loved one go through that.

My fiance and I are going to go look along the river tomorrow to see if we can find him. We weren't sure if we wanted to and have received mixed advice from people, but we both can't stop wondering where he is. It's making us sick. We need to try at least.
I can't stand the thought of my sweet little baby all alone. Maybe finding him will help us begin to heal.
Thank you again everyone for all the kind things you are saying. I will update again after we look.
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Dear Micky6, just weighing in with my opinion but I think it's a good idea to look for your sweet little puppy.
It may bring some closure if you are both able to find him. If not, you could think about something like having a little ceremony for him by the water and leave some flowers there. As MJ mentioned your loss is so tragic. My heart goes out to you both! Good luck tomorrow with your search. Hugs to you,
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I agree with llooking for Finn. It will bring you closure if you’re able to find him and bury him.

Good luck and please keep us posted.

Peace, Love and Hugs...

*  Duncan the Dane - taken WAY too soon (7/27/17 - 3/28/18)
*  Missing Dudley the Newf (3/13/08 - 6/12/17)
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We went looking. We spent a couple hours walking along the river bank as far as we could go. Tried to find a few other places where we could get down to the river but it was all too steep. We didn't find Finn. We are both heartbroken.
We did, however, find another dog who had fallen in the river at the same off leash park. We called animal services to come get her but they don't work on weekends and she was kind of precariously stuck and may not have been there anymore by Monday. I put it on social media. We found her owner. We led him down exactly to where she was and he identified her. He wrapped her in his shirt and a sheet and took her home. She had been missing since November.
It wad hard for him but I'm glad we could give him some closure. I am in awe as to how we found found her after she had been missing so long, but I'm glad we did.
We didn't get closure but we helped someone else to.
I have written to the mayor of the city I live in asking for her to have someone fix all the fences. This happens often and most of the area is fenced - they should just finish the rest. It makes me angry.
I plan to get a petition started if she doesn't respond to my letter. I don't want anyone else to go through this if I can help it.
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I am so sorry you didn't find Finn. I am so amazed though that you found this other dog who has been missing. (I lost a cat years ago and it's the worst feeling.). You were able to provide closure to that man who has likely been wondering since November about his dog. Kudos to you!!
I think it's an excellent idea to write to your mayor and start a petition so that nobody else will go through this senseless loss.
I know too though that your hearts are still breaking and I will say a prayer that you find your beautiful little Finn. Thinking of you,
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hi micky6 how are you and your fiancée doing after your search? I’m so sad for you both that you did not find Finn but you finding that other dog was a blessing, hope you have success in getting the park fixed for other pets , you are a good hearted person who deserves closure , a grief counselor told me that healing comes in many ways and to find the way that makes you and those who loved Finn feel at peace , thanks for your kind words about my angel Chloe I miss her terribly , prayers to you and Finn ,

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Been awhile since responding. We are still not doing all that well. Trying to get back into the daily routine.
His bed and toys are still out. I'm not sure either of us can put them away yet. We had to throw his food away because our cat was eating it and it was starting to mold. Not sure keeping everything this long is normal but we are both still so heart broken.

I wrote the city. They gave a typical city response. A huge email full of information as to why they can't put up a fence. But I'm not done. I haven't written back yet but I will. I think I'm angry now. I suppose that's a stage of grief.
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I can’t sleep so I thought I would respond to your last post ! I’m so sorry for your loss and the city’s lack of willingness to help . But not surprising sad to say. Just keep trying maybe a petition from
Other pet owners that visit that park !

I am
Too sad about our loss of our
With her horrible battle with cancer it was a two year battle that I fought with her and now I’m reading so much about dog cancer and trying to relive what I should have done and didn’t do . I’m so mad and sad too . I had to get two new pups because like you I couldn’t Bare to see her bed and toys every day without her with us . You are not alone on feeling that way. Allow yourself to grieve and be assured that it is like loosing a child for us animal
Lovers and don’t let anyone belittle or diminish that for you and your loved ones . These little babies are so special and they rely on us just like kids do to take care of them and you gave your pup the best of life by alllowing him to
Be a dog and run free . I was too paranoid and a helicopter mom with my dogs to ever go off leash so I commend you
For that you are a much better parent than I ! You take care and sleep with your dogs toys if needed I do and so does my 16 yr old son he sleeps with our Chloe’s collar . You will find peace in the right time just when you are ready Blessings to you
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Oh, Mickey, I am so sorry about your puppy, Finn, and I'm so sorry you didn't find him.
It was a mixed blessing that you found the other dog who had been missing for months, and your kindness gave that dog's family a chance to know for sure where their pup was, and to take their dog home. 
Heaven is the place where all the dogs you've ever loved come to greet you.
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