Wendsday I put my Puddin Pie to rest. I haven't cried that much since my Granny died. I've never experienced such horrible grief. My boy was special in his whole being. He was my Rock when I went thru cancer treatment and suicide attempts.
I will never lose the love for my Puddin' Pie .
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Kimee, aren't they amazing creatures! The bond and love we build with them are so much stronger than even we realize. I'm fairly old, and the grief I have experienced losing my doggies has far exceeded any other grief I've had, more than family members. The early months will be difficult, lots of tears, the pain will come in waves, but you will get better, it just takes a long time and varies with each of us. This forum is an amazing place, I realized that all the pain and grief I was experiencing was shared by so many here, I was normal, not weird. It's been nine months, I cried today, the last two weeks have been so hard, but I've also had much better days, so I'm making progress. Please come here and share your story, pictures when you feel up to it, we are always here to help and understand. My little girl Chinadoll was my heart dog, a term I learned here at the forum, she was my once in a lifetime love, she gave so much to me and taught me so much. There are no 'rules' to grieving, let your feelings come out as they may, it's natural. Do whatever you need to do to make it through each day, slowly replacing the grief with warmer happier memories they left with us. Blessings and peace as you go through this long journey.
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Sorry for your loss kimee my boy gizmo was my life too, its a hard pain to come to terms with . The bond with us and our fur baby's os precious always unconditional love , its so difficult to lose them x my boys away nearly 11 weeks and my hart will never mend x thinking of you at this hard time sending hugs & stay on here you will get alot of support as I have had too x annemarie x
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