Hello All,
My 14 year old Miniature Schnauzer was just diagnosed with cancer, I elected to put her on Prednisone instead of Chemo as I think it would be way to hard on her. I have to say the Prednisone has really brought the swelling in her neck down and she is alot more active eating great and drinking with no problems. Now the problem, she has been going to the bathroom non stop in the house. I get up way early for work to feed her and let her out but when I get home she has done her business all over the house, I feed her dinner early and when I get up in the morning she has gone all over. Any tricks to make her stool more solid? I hate the thought of leaving her in the garage when I am not at home. This is new to me and I am going through the learning curve.
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Hi Mike,

I am sorry to hear of your very sad situation. I think first you need to talk to your vet. I had my Lhasa Duncan on Temeril P for 9 years. It does cause them to pass urine more then usual. you could ask about flagyl it will help with runny stool. But every dog will react in a different way. I think putting your dog in the garage is not the answer, maybe you could try keeping her in a bath room or kitchen. This is a very stressful time for you both. I hope I have been of some help. Also remember she will need to drink much more on steroids, it will make her very thirsty and hungry.

Duncan's Mom.
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Hi Mike,
I am not really sure of how to help you with your dog's toileting issue, but I have had some experience with prednisone to treat tumours that I wanted to share with you.
My beagle, Bella, was diagnosed with a brain tumour and the vets suggested we try prednisone to reduce the size of the tumour.  They were not sure how successful it would be, but it was really our only option.  We were very lucky, the prednisone managed her tumour very well and many of her symptoms either disappeared or lessened.  Bella lived for a further 3 years after her diagnosis and we were told that without treatment she would not have had much time at all.  The reason I decided to put a post on your page was just to make you aware that prednisone may affect kidneys.  We ended up losing Bella to kidney disease and our vet said that it is a possible side effect of the drug that successfully treated her tumour.  My advice would be to talk to your vet and maybe have regular blood tests to monitor her kidneys so that if the results begin to change, you can adjust her diet to compensate.  By the time we were aware that Bella's kidneys were failing, it was too late to save her. The vet said that kidney disease can be a silent disease that is not diagnosed until it is well advanced and then it is difficult to manage.  From Bella's kidney disease diagnosis, we had her for a further 4 months.  I am not saying this to cause you concern and stress.  I really didn't know whether to reply to you or not, but in the end i decided that I just want you to be aware of the need to monitor your dog's kidneys.  I wish someone had told us that when Bella was put on the drug.  We still would have put her on prednisone and we are glad we did because it gave us 3 years that we would not have had, but if we had been having her kidneys tested regularly we may have been able to use change in diet and some preventative medication for kidney disease.
To the best of our memory, the prednisone did not cause her any toileting issues, but different dogs may react differently.
I hope you can get some answers to your problem.
(Bella, Charli and Buddy's very lucky mum)

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I've wondered about this, too. Murphy was on prednisone daily for his Addison's for over 3 years, and he developed kidney disease and then failure at the end. I was told it was as a result of the pancreatitis. I've wondered if the pred had anything to do with either. He did so well after his last Addison's crisis in 2012 his labs weren't being checked as often. They were checked twice yearly to make sure his Percortin dosage was correct, but not all labs. He was due for all labs at his regular yearly check up in late May, but by then we already knew we were in trouble. If only his regular check up had come earlier in the year, maybe the pancreatitis in particular but also the kidney disease would have been found before they got out of control and killed him. Yet another unanswerable question. :=(

He never had any toileting issues throughout the entire course of prednisone, though, and it's not a known common side effect. He drank tons of water and went outside to piddle all the time, but had regular toileting otherwise. There is probably something else causing it that the vet should be made aware of and check into.

Murphy's Mom (Kathryn)
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Mike, I just wanted to send love and healing to you and your baby. I'm sorry I don't have any better advice to offer.

Just sending hope and peace,
April 1st, 2011 - June 7th, 2014
Rest in peace my sweet baby boy, I can't wait to see you again.
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