My furry 15 year old love is ill. We are currently awaiting a diagnosis as we brought her to the vet today; results won't be available until Monday although she definitely has a UTI, and possible kidney disease was the Vet's main concern. However, at this time I am experiencing much guilt  because we have to go out of town to our engagement party tomorrow and I just have a pit in my stomach and many many tears at just the thought of leaving her when she needs me most. Everyone is being upbeat, positive, happy go lucky, and down playing my concern and love as the results are not in yet. I know they are just trying to make sure that I enjoy our day / engagement party, but Zoie is my baby and my other true love besides my fiance of course. I just have that feeling, and it's not the comforting one a human companion gets if you have lost a furry love before. Prayers if you have a moment for my best friend, my love, confidant, my blessed Zoie Roxanne. I wish to give her everything she needs and so much more! Thank you so much in advanced, it's a nice feeling to have a place to go when concerns are great and when others are not understanding.
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