Benji has been such a blessing for me since I got him. Next month makes a year already since I rescued him. He really helps a lot with my loss of Bella. I love him so much. I am so glad we were able to save each other. Thought I share this recent picture of him with my Petloss friends. 

thông tin doanh nghiệpluxury girl
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Hi congay,
Benji is beautiful! I am so glad he is helping you. They never replace our friends that we've lost but in time, they take up their own special place in our hearts. Thanks for sharing Benji's sweet picture!!
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Benji is so adorable! its so good that you two saved each other. I'm sure Bella is and would be very happy that Benji is there to help you through the rough times. lots of blessings and hugs to you <3
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Awe, congay I dont know your story yet, but this little beauty is so precious!!! Thank you for sharing a postive note! There are many of us on here that you don't know, but you just brought a smile to my face. And I thank you for that!
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