Today is the 1st of September. I used to love fall, and now I hate it, because you're not here. We used to go for walks together. You loved that, and when you just couldn't walk anymore I would carry you. I miss hearing you walk around the house. I miss you nudging me so that I will pet you. I miss seeing your sweet face. I miss you so much Popcorn! My heart hurts because you are gone. I cry all the time. God I just want you back! 💔
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Oh LuckyLou, the reminders are the hardest to handle, the time of year, a song, a toy, a spot on the floor that you played, it is all so difficult. Not a day goes by that something doesn't remind us of your Tuffy and brings tears to our eyes. If only there was an easy solution, but that's why we are all here, to commiserate and support. The pain for me never goes away, it just finds a spot in my heart and emerges without notice, some of the times are worse than others, there is no time limit on your grief.  What I wouldn't give for one more day with all of my loved ones. 
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My heart really goes out to you. I understand the presence and connection with our loved fur babies. Some of us are blessed to be able to see them fot the value and love they are. I know it's hard. My little rowdy, I still miss him so. So many reminders. I have his little dish up in a certain place. Pictures, poems, I have solar lights on his little resting place. God bless you.I will be praying for you. Again, so sorry.
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