This past Wednesday, while still saying NO to getting another chihuahua, I met a woman who happens to be the mother-in-law of my neice's good friend. She also happens to be a breeder of several different breeds...including chihuahuas! She emailed me some pictures and I fell in love with one!  Still apprehensive, I went to visit her the next day.

As soon as I picked him up I KNEW! I had to have him!  I brought him home, and later that night I gave him a bath in the kitchen sink. I wrapped him in a bath towel and went into the family room to sit and dry him. As soon as I started to dry him with the towel, the light blinked 5 times!! There was no reason for that to happen, so I knew it had to be Poncho giving his OK! 

Backing up a bit...when I first got "Rocky" home, he was acting a little skiddish. It worried me a bit because he wouldn't eat or drink, and being only "almost 3 lbs", I knew he had to eat and drink! This was about 7 to 8pm. It was about 8:30pm when I gave him his bath, so it was about 8:45pm when the light when off and on 5 times. After that, my grandson got him to eat a tiny amount and take a sip of water. He then fell asleep snuggled up close against my neck.

At 1:45am, I woke up to go to the bathroom. I then took him out into the garage to a pee pee pad where Poncho always went. Right away, he did his business...as if he had done it there before! I was shocked because I thought it would take him longer to figure it out! We came back in, and he headed straight to his food and water. He ate and drank and I felt such relief! He was no longer skiddish, and seemed to know where he was going. It occurred to me the next morning that after the light...and after a couple hours of sleep, he was doing like Poncho had always done. In my mind, that was Poncho showing him the way.

That was the first day and night that I didn't cry since February 12!  Poncho's blankets I had been sleeping with are now put away with his other things. I still go look at them, and I still have his urn right here with me, and his pictures scroll my computer screen. Now Rocky's pictures are in that scroll too! I  feel like my heart has been healed because that awful deep pain is now gone! Poncho will live in my heart and mind forever, but I feel like I have his "little brother" now to love and take care of.

When I first came here, I was hurting SO bad!! It was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life!  I just knew there was NO way I would ever stop hurting! I thought it would never end! I closed myself off to thoughts and feelings about ever getting another chihuahua. This little boy, Rocky, changed all of that! He did what I thought was impossible. Now, I will hopefully attach Rocky's picture...I hope it works!

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He turned 3 months old today!
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I am so happy for you and the new little one.  Rest assured that Poncho is so happy for all of you.


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Dear Pat-
I'm SO glad you and Rocky found each other! He is just precious. It helps my broken heart to know that there is peace somewhere in the future. I'm still crying over Joey and not ready to get another pug but Coco has been a big help- although he gained four pounds since December! When Joey got sick I wanted to keep his weight up so I started  giving them home-cooked food and now the little brat (Coco)won't eat anything else!
Please keep me posted about your adventures with Rocky! Catherine
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he is beautiful , i am so pleased for you both , he was i am sure sent to you from Poncho because he knows that you needed him and he needs you xx
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Yay!  ;-)
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Thank you all!  As much as we all hurt, it is true that we can heal. I just didn't believe it could happen...the pain was so bad I thought I was dying.  I couldn't breathe and my blood pressure went sailing.  I was even put on blood pressure medicine 2 weeks ago!  All I could do was cry. I had no energy and no interest in anything or anyone.  All I wanted was Poncho back...if even for 10 minutes! I had many signs I felt were from Poncho...but I still cried. I didn't want another dog and I think I even posted something like that on here.  I went from that to Rocky in 24 hours after 9 weeks of pure hell. It felt right and it took the pain away because I know Poncho had his paw in it! Had my blood pressure checked by my doctor yesterday and it was normal...120 over 80! He said he thought he could take me off the medicine in a month. Thank you Poncho and Rocky! :-)  I have now had 2 full days without crying!! The 12th of every month will always be painful and Christmas will never be the same, but Rocky, with the help of Poncho, will get me through it. He may be gone but never forgotten....ever!
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