Here are websites written by Veterinarians and animals Health practictioners. They present carefully compiled evidence that vaccinations and commercial pet foods cause cancers, degenerative diseases, neurological disorders, auto immune disorders, liver and kidney failure, convulsions, siezures, etc. Please read these articles on these websites carefully. It is EXTREMELY URGENT


Pet Vaccines induce cancerous growths/ Vactruth.com

Pet Vaccines-specific vaccines-about vaccines

Pet Vaccines Myths

Vaccination ingredients and contanminants - Vaccines uncensored "All vaccine ingredients are poisonous, carcinogenic..." click Pet Vaccines

Vaccine Ingredients A comprehensive guide/ VAXtruth.org

Vaccine Liberation Information

Go to Natural News.com. in the google search bar type in "The true horrors of pet food, prepare to be shocked". Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the article. you will have to pass other titles that are not written by natural news but by pet food propagandist.
the facts will just blow your mind.
there are other articles on this website under "pet food revealed" please read those as well.

Dr. Marty Goldstein and Dr. Jeff Levy are both Holistic veterinarians with extenstive and impressive range of training and experiences. their websites are Dr. Marty. com for Marty Goldstein and Homeovet.net for Jeff Levy. they are fantastic resources for anyone with questions about  alternative medicine to prevent and treat cancers and other illnesses. it will open you eyes and mind to talk with them
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These are fantastic resources, very grateful to you

Everybody be on alert
saridactyl will retort but he or she will use a different name, use a different persona and will pretend to either have an animal that died or pretend the animal lived after being stabbed by poisonous vaccines
As PFILLY said, this person preys on our sadnesses to entice  people over to their side.
These people who are paid to lie to us by the medical-drug industry have no morals and no conscience, they lie as easy as they breathe
They prey on your vulnerability and fears.
he or she will be very sneaky.

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I looked some of these websites up, the facts about the vaccination buisness and pet foods  is horrifying!!! oh my god!

We are being lied to by vets, drug companies and their politicians they pay off.

I am going to get my furbabies homeopathic and accupuncture and chiropractic from now on and i am giving them only homemade meals.

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Please do forgive me, but I would like to add something.
I have seen with my own eyes what Parvo and Distemper do to helpless puppies, and even grown dogs, My girl survived Parvo by the skin of her teeth, and with expert veterinary care, just before I rescued her. ALL her beautiful pups died a horrible death. That was because they were not vaccinated.
Now there is something we can all do, and that is make sure our pups GET their vaccinations, the full course required to protect them. Homeopathic remedies simply will not cut it to protect them against deadly viruses. However, homepathic and alternative remedies CAN help them against any vaccine reactions and allergic responses. But get good homeopathic veterinary advice about this.
Right....after the first year DON'T just re-vaccinate at the annual health-check. INSIST on what is called a "Titer Test"
This blood test each year will measure the amount of immunity still present in the dog's immune system. And will give good guidelines as to whether vaccinations are needed.
I may be wrong -please do check this -but I believe a document from a vet which proves ongoing immunity to the rabies vaccine will work legally. (?)
Only re-vaccinate when immunity is lacking. That way there is no unnatural stress on the animal's system, or overloading of immune responses.
I did this with my dog, and yes -she died of cancer. Hemangiosarcoma of a genetic origin apparently....but she was one month short of her 15th birthday, was fit, healthy, happy, active, athletic, all her life  and had no signs of aging, no arthritis, or slowing-down at all. Without vaccination she could well have died at age 4.

I'm not denying that over-vaccination on a regular basis can trigger an unnatural immune-response, and can even cause a cancer -already present-to start to grow more rapidly. It can. But we have to use some common sense.  

As for food....it's vitally important for health, strength and immunity, that an animal receives exactly the nutrition it needs. Sometimes home-cooked recipes can work, if they are well thought out and any supplements needed given. And sometimes -no matter how appetizing they look or taste to humans- they CAN result in malnutrition. Dogs' dietary needs are so different to humans'.
Spend some time researching carefully for a really good quality holistic dog food. Then maybe get it delivered. Bulk orders can result in free shipping, so take advantage of that. Then, adding home cooked meat or fish and some vegetables to this will be great.
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

Misty's Blog..a Dogfight with Cancer http://www.mistysblog69.blogspot.co.uk

Misty's life after death: http://www.dog2spirit.com
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Hi Mistysmama
As always its a pleasure to read your responses and insights and to talk with you. You bring up some very important questions and concerns regarding the use of alternative medicine in the prevention and recovery of disease in our pets, particularly puppyhood diseases. This is very important and a great place to continue this dialogue so thank you for bringing this up, it needs to be addressed.

Please allow me to present some information on effective uses of homeopathy for puppyhood diseases that may put further light into this healing medicine 
There is a group of homeopathic remedies called nosodes. The way nosodes work is they plug up the hole of susceptability to disease. there is a nosode for parvo called simply parvo nosode and it does work. there are other nosodes for other diseases but i am most familiar with this one and i have used it with great and consistent success on animals, no small feat as the area i live in has a parvo pandemic and even puppies who are vaccinated get parvo and even with treatment less than half survive. first time i gave it to a puppy, i was very very nervous in the beginnining as i was a anxiously skeptical. but once he past the one year mark healthy and vibrant i breathed such a sigh of relief and i celebrated, i tell ya.
There is another use of homeopathy in the prevention and recovery of puppyhood disease that is the preferred method by homeopaths. A constitutional remedy, if correctly prescribed, can enhance and strengthen the body's own defenses against any outside exposure. this can be disease, stress, or environmental factors . the constitutional remedy strengthens the specific and unique life force pattern of that particular individual, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. With the use of the correct remedy, a puppy can be exposed to the parvo bacteria or other diseases and not be infected because his or her whole being has been fortified and strengthened to the point it can withstand any external influences.
If a puppy has already become infected and is showing the horrific symptoms of parvo, there are around 5 remedies that can stop parvo in its tracks. the critical factor is to find a homeopathic veterinarian that has the training to prescribe the correct remedy out of the five since time is of the essence and there is no luxury of trying this or that remedy. I recommend dr. jeff levy. he is the foremost homeopathic vet in the world and he does phone consultations with anyone anywhere. he is the only one i know of with the specific training to be able to pinpoint which remedy will bring about an immediate recovery from parvo. I have myself witnessed these miracles. With the correct remedy, a puppy dying in the throes of parvo can literally recover within seconds, this is no exaggeration and i have seen it with my own eyes
If after being vaccinated the animal is suffering from the toxic effects of vaccines, such as itchy itchy skin, or tumors at the site of injection, convulsions, neurological disorders, difficulty breathing, depression, lethargy, etc. homeopathy can help. vaccinations cause a permanently compromised and weakened conditon in the body. vaccinations wreaks havok on the body's ability to restore equilibrium. it literally pulls the body down to a lower level of functioning and all these symptoms are a result of the body trying desperately to eliminate the poisons it has been injected with. Using homeopathy in the case of vaccinosis can be involved. the body has been severly assaulted and insulted by the ingredients in vaccines like mercury, lead, aluminum, formaldahyde, diseased pus, etc and it can take a long and dedicated committment to a long term homeopathic treatment course to undo the damage. It is best to avoid vaccinations in the first place and to use nosodes or constitutional remedies to prevent disease and restore health. I recommend combining accupuncture along with homeopathic treaments for the animal to exponentially increase the chance of a full recovery from vaccination damage.
If you are interested in using homeopathy for your pets, please only use homeopathy under the careful guidance of  a highly trained homeopath or homeopathic veterinarianr. using the wrong remedy can, in some cases, cause the disease state the remedy was intended to cure. I really really  recommend dr. jeff.  dr jeff is second to none and the most thoroughly trained homeopathic vet i know of. his website is homeovet.net
unfortunately not all homeopaths are created equal. homeopathy, after all is said and done is an intuitive art. it takes years to finish the homeopathic cirriculum and then many more years of post graduate course work and clinical practice to even begin to feel some confidence in prescribing remedies. but the most crucial factor that differentiates a medicore homeopath from an excellent homeopath is in combining academic knowlege with intuition and some homeopaths have access to this intuition  much greater than others and without it, many mistakes can be made in prescribing remedies. again dr jeff levy's website is homeovet.net i have used his services for years and i sincerely believe there is no better homeopathic vet in the world.

if you want to order a parvo nosode, you can order it from any homeopathic company or ask your local homeopath or naturopath to order it for you. ask for parvo nosode 30C and give one pellet. Nosodes can be used by lay people without a problem. give one pellet to your puppy only once. if there seems to be a reason to redose contact a skilled homeopath or dr. jeff immediately
a vet that uses homeopathy in their practice is not necessarily a homeopathic vet. usually these vets have a conventional practice and have taken a few supplemental workshops on acute applications of a few  remedies. i do not recommend these vets as homeopathic consultations for your pets. they are not qualified to prescribe constitutional remedies. a homeopathic vet is someone who is a licenced veterinarian,  and who then, in addition completed all the required courses, trainings and practicuums to be licensed as a doctor of homeopathy. then spend years interning with seasoned homeopaths, taken many post graduate seminars and course work, and  most importantly took many more courses on specific applications for animals. Dr. Jeff is one of the few qualified homeopathic vets in the world. not too many have gone through the rigorous trainings and experiences he has. the only other one i know of is dr. don hamilton

Real meat is what nature intended animals to eat. there are no kibbles in nature. I have been feeding a real meat diet to my animals for over 25 years with spectacular results. for some i give it raw and for others i cook it slightly depending on their digestive conditions. i feed them meat, organs, tripe and raw bones. organs are very important to an animals health. i found out that in the wild, when a dog has a successful hunt, the first thing they eat are the intestines or tripe. tripe as well is fundamental to overall health.  bones are necessary to balance the mix of calcium/phosphorous in their diet or they could become deficient. for further insights and information on feeding your animals a real meat diet please go to naturalnews.com and type in pet foods revealed and also go to homeovet.net  The animals i have fed and are feeding  real meat to are very healthy on this diet that nature intended, their coats are shiny, their eyes bright, they are agile and vibrant, and strong.

thank you again Mistysmama for bring up these points, it inspires further discussion and an intelligent exchange of ideas and dialogue.

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