I just wanted to post of a picture of my darling cat Pootie Tang. She is so precious and dear to my heart. As I wrote in a previous post, she has mammary cancer and although it has not spread to her lungs yet, she is in the later stages, so sadly no surgery or treatment will help. She seems to be doing alright now, is eating and drinking still,, but does seem to sleep a lot more, and does not seem to move around quite like she used to. I can definitely tell that the cancer is taking a toll on her sweet little self, and I am powerless to stop it and halt it's devastating effects. I am trying to make her as comfortable as possible, and making sure she knows how much she is loved.
I am also watching for any signs that she is in pain or suffering, because I could not bear to let her go through that. I wish I did not have to work every day, and I wish I could spend every minute with her, but I am trying to cherish every moment we still have together.  Hate has never been in my vocabulary, but I hate this, I hate slowly watching her go downhill, I hate feeling so helpless to help her, but most of all I hate cancer. I have often heard that when it is time to let them go we will know, our fur babies will let us know, we will see it in their eyes. I am so scared to see that look in her eyes.

I am just so sad, this is just so hard, and I am trying to be strong, but am failing miserably. I remember when I lost my cat Jasper three years ago, it was so sudden, so shocking, no time to even begin to process it, and that shattered my heart completely. This is different, at least I have a little time to prepare, but how do you prepare for losing your little ray of sunshine, and the little light of your life. These  moments we have left are so bittersweet, because they are filled with impending los. Every night I kiss my sweet little one and tell her that it I s not time to go yet, she needs to stick around a little longer, we need to spend one last Christmas together ... please my sweet little PT, please stay home for Christmas. pootie tang.jpg
Pamela Lynne Crawford
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Hi JaspersMom,
I just read you reply and I am so sorry I missed Pootie Tang's name completely!
You have every right to feel as you do - it's so hard knowing that PT has cancer and I have to agree with you. I hate cancer too. We had to let Bailey go because of it - the truth is it's a horrible disease!
There is no way to prepare for this type of loss unfortunately but I might think about taking a day off work to spend with PT perhaps this week. Try to line up some fun things - maybe you could find a toy (or ball of yarn) to wrap up and let her open it now so she can have lots of time wo play with it. You could also feed her some tasty cat treats. I think her favourite thing though will be to just have you with her!
It might be a good idea to talk with your vet again and have PT checked periodically so you can relax and enjoy her and not have to worry about watching for signs. The picture you posted is beautiful - such a little sweetie!! Your last sentence in this post has me in tears. I am so sorry you are going through this and will say a prayer that she will be okay through Christmas. Please post an update when you feel up to it and even though you wil have very dark, sad moments try and enjoy this time as much as you possibly can.
Hugs, MJ ❤️
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Dear JaspersMom,
I'm so sorry you got this terrible diagnosis for your Pootie Tang. Your post is heartbreaking. It has to be so sad and frightening, thinking of losing your precious kitty. I just lost my little dog to cancer so I totally agree with what you said about cancer! I hope, and will keep my fingers crossed, for you and Pootie Tang to spend many happy moments together during Christmas!
Your Pootie Tang is a beautiful kitty!
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Thank you so much MJ and Sharon for your kind words to my latest post, I so appreciate you both reaching out with such compassion. Your wise advice and understanding is helping me more than you will ever know.

Sharon, I am so very sorry for the loss of your sweet little dog to cancer, and my heart goes out to you. My itty bitty kitty still has some fight in her, I see it when she is eating and kind of pushes my other cat Jingles out of the way, cause she would rather have his bowl of food than hers, and she still climbs on me for some loving, especially in the evenings. She still has some spark, and when that goes away, we will go to the next step. I wish you peace and comfort Sharon, as I know you are missing your little one, and I can only imagine how hard it was to say goodbye. Thank you for your sweet and thoughtful words which mean so much to me, it really does help to know I am not alone.

MJ again, your words have really comforted me, and your wise advice is just what I needed to hear. I am trying to spend as much time as possible with her, and do special things. She is not always up to it, but on her good days, I do try to take advantage of cherishing every moment. She is just so tiny now, and I don't want her to lose any more weight, but unfortunately, that is most likely going to be the case. I am so sorry you had to let your Bailey go, but I so appreciate your sweet and comforting words, that are helping more than you will ever know. My Pootie Tang is such a bright and radiant light in my world, no sickness or disease could ever cause that light to fade. MJ thank you so very much for helping me to see I am not alone. Hugs, JaspersMom
Pamela Lynne Crawford
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