My name is Sammy Saylor and I'm from Frederick, MD. Since I was a child rainbow bridge has been a staple in my house. Not only that but, it has been a source of comfort, even at 21 years old. Unfortunately, in March we had to send our beloved 12 year old black lab, Delta, to rainbow bridge. Today we were given a hint that rainbow bridge just might exist.
During deer season my dad and Delta had a routine; like clock work they would go outside in the field next to our house and put deer feed out. Well today (12/10/15) my dad went out, without delta of course, and put deer feed out. On his way back in he looked over at the window that faces that field and noticed this(see picture attached) .. What this PHYSICALLY is, is a reflection of a palm tree leaf (from a plant inside)... But what this ALSO is, is a SPITTING image of our Delta. You can see the contour of her head, her nose, he mouth, even her puffy chest.
This brought me to tears, both sad and happy. I know everyone says "you'll meet again" and "they're always with you", but after seeing this I know that she is always with me.
My wish for anyone mourning the loss of a pet is that at some point they get a hint that their sweet angel is near by.
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You are so lucky to have seen that - since I lost my sweet baby (12/7)I have been begging got s sign - I would give anything to know she is near me and that she's ok - my heart aches to see her
I too lost my sweet Sage on 12/7, she would have been 13 in February.  The guilt I feel is almost unbearable.   I have so many guilt questions, is she ok now?  Does she know how much I love her and I wasn't trying to hurt her? HOW am I going to live the rest of my life without her?  My heart hurts so bad its hard to breathe at times.
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Wow! Just what I needed tonight! Had a bad crying spell and logged on here for some support. This made me sit right up in bed...that image looks a lot like your dog. I think I got a sign a few nights after my dog passed that he is ok in a dream but of course I would love to have a sign here on earth, too.
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Thank you so much for this...we just lost our baby boy yesterday and I am in such denial. I know that he is with me because every time I hear a bell ring I think of him because bells and mirrors were his favorite toys. I can't wait to see him again, even in a dream
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How amazing for you all! The day Sadee passed, I went out on a walk be with my thoughts. As I walked around the lake I saw a cardinal in a tree just a few feet away. Some say that when you see a cardinal, it's a loved one looking in on you. I don't know if it was her, but it gave me comfort, and I really needed it right then.
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How wonderful to have this experience. I walk with my Robert every day.  I talk to him and I know he hears me.  We are spiritually connected forever. These are Gods Angels and they watch over us.  Blessing to you and to all of us who have lost the soft fur and wet nose and sweet kisses from our angels while on earth.

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