My much loved dog was given a 3 month prognosis back in March. She has cancer which has spread to her lungs. She showed no signs until it was too late.

The vet seemed really pleased with how she was on Thursday, however, she has taken a turn and isn’t doing very well.

We’ve booked a vet appointment today but I know her time is nearly up. I’m devastated. I know there will be a huge dog shaped hole in my heart and I know its going to really really hurt for ages when it happens.

She is a rescue dog. I’ve always had pets growing up but this is my first dog since I moved out of my parents have. We have two very small children who will be bemused by her disappearance but are too young to understand.

How can I make this hurt less?
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Staffylady, I don’t know if there is a best way to get ready to say goodbye, as it’s different for everyone, but I can relate to you.  My baby girl was also diagnosed with lung cancer and the vet gave her 1 month to live and 6 months with surgery and treatment.  I fell apart right there in front of the vet.  I decided to take her home, changed her diet and what helped me the most during the time she lived was to make every effort to focus on her being with me.  I took time off work to spend with her and I spoiled her.  Anything she wanted, treats, walks, lots of love anything she wanted.  I was fortunate to have 3 more years with her and I look back on it and treasure every moment.  I hope this helps a little.  
M moore
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Hi Staffylady, so sorry you're going though this - it's going to hurt but take it day by day.

My best advice to you now is don't worry about the grief and focus on your baby and spending every single second you can with her right now as we can't get it back.  Be in the moment with her, you'll deal with the rest later.  

Sending love and big hugs your way. XO
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