I lost my little gizmo this Monday. He would have been 8 years old this may he was a shih tzu. I took him to have his teeth cleaned at the vet and he died.why did this have to happen he was my lifeline! I don't know what to do I'm lost without him I can't eat or sleep I just am barely able to go to work.
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I am so sorry Patty for your loss of Gizmo! I know exactly how you feel even tho it has been 2 years ago since I lost my Freckles. I remember very well the loss of appetite, begging to sleep, a feeling of huge shock. Nothing anyone could say could take away the pain.
..This forum was my lifesaver as everyone knew exactly what I was I feeling and there was no judgement.
...I know your pain Patty and I did not find any way around it. Just reading, walking, delved into my own spirituality. It was one moment at a time. Those moments as excruciatingly painful as they were, landed me with a whole different perspective on life.

Please be kind to yourself...Healing is a process...It truly is!

Much Love, Betsy
It is within this unexplored territory of my heart in which I weep from the depth of my soul. It is also at same, the fountain of Light in which I now dare to seek.
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I am so very sorry to read your story.  I personally know of now 4 people who have lost their babies just having their teeth cleaned.  You are not alone, but I know that doesn't help at all.  My Molly had so many allergies that I put off her cleanings far too long, but I was terrified that this would happen to her too.  Sometimes the anesthesia is just too much for our babies.  Most of us can't do the daily teeth brushing like they recommend either.  It is such a difficult decision to make to have their teeth cleaned because of what you experienced but it can be dangerous to their health to NOT have it done too.  What do we do as responsible pet owners??  Just the best we can and hold our breath that all goes well.  I feel so badly for you that it didn't go well for your Gizmo.

Please believe me when I tell you that you have found the right place here on the Bridge.  We are all struggling at different stages of grieving and everyone here is just wonderful.  It does help to know that you can express yourself in whatever way you want and no one will judge you.  We all want to comfort newcomers and this is a club none of us want to belong to, but it is a life saver. 

My Molly had a stroke at age 14 and I am still hurting so badly I can't sleep without meds.  It has been 13 weeks now and I just last night had a very vivid dream about her and woke up sobbing, so you see we all here truly do understand.

Try to hold onto the knowledge that you will see your baby again.  There are no magic words anyone can say to speed up the healing process.  I know you probably don't believe it right now, but having a job you have to go to every day will most likely help you.  Being home all day without my baby is really tough too.  When you don't work, you have no distraction for even a minute. 

Take care of yourself the best you can.  This stress can make you sick and that only makes things worse.  I am sending you TONS of hugs and wishing you peace soon.
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Patty I am sorry to hear of your loss of Gizmo.  

I know it is hard to go on without our beloved pet, but we have to find a way.  I hate getting up every morning without my boy Taco it is the hardest part of the day for me.  It has been 2 months since I lost him, and I'm in a constant depressed state ever since.  I still cry all the time because he was my joy in life, and I miss him all the time.  Feels like a bad dream that I'm ready to wake up from.  

I'm not in the best position to give advice as I am so deep into my grief as well, but just to say you are not alone in it.  I hope you will find some peace soon though, I know how rough it is the first days after the shock of losing your pet.

One thing that kind of helps me is just to imagine the day when I will see him again when it is my time to leave this earth.  I have faith I will be able to see my beautiful dog again.  I hope you can find a way to look forward to that day as well.  

Take care of yourself

Donielle Taco's Mom
*I love you forever my sweet Taco Beavy*
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Patty, I am so very sorry on your sudden loss of Gizmo.   Sometimes there are just no answers as to what has happened.  However we lose our beloved animals - old age, illness , accidents - it just totally destroys us. Everything you describe such as loss of appetite and unable to sleep are all part of the grieving process, and tells us just how much we love and miss them.   You must be so kind to yourself, you will get through this, although sometimes it is a case of `one step forward, two steps back`.    I`m almost 11 weeks into losing my beautiful old dog Jim, and I have good days when I can remember happier times, then the next day can be another `downer`. 
  I am so glad you have found this site - everyone on here is so kind and all going down the same path of learning to live without our little friends - just to know you are not alone will be a help to you, I am certain. 
    Sending you hugs, Jackie. x

J Taylor
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your sweet Gizmo. I lost my sweet Corgi, Jenny, in January. She was almost 9 yrs old. The doctor always needed to use anesthesia in order to clean her teeth. I come from a medical family and know it's not always such a good idea to use anesthesia so frequently. My ex-husband is a Dentist and I have worked in the dental field as well. I brushed my baby's teeth but she continued to have problems with them. The doctor wouldn't clean her teeth nor trim her nails at her last doctor visit. She said Jenny had a urinary tract infection. She gave her meds. Then Jenny got fluid built up in her kidneys and that made her heart eventually stop. Sometimes I feel guilty because I feel maybe I could have done something more. Why do the doctors feel the need for the anesthesia anyway? Maybe lots of our sweet babies would still be alive today if they didn't use it so much. Take care and know we feel your pain. You are not alone. God bless.
Donna Kinney
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Hi MissingTaco and to the rest of you who've lost their babies:

The Bridge is the right place to come for comfort.  I joined after January 2016 after the loss of my baby-dog.  I still have trouble sleeping, but I am doing better.  I know I'll never be the same but I'm hoping that another baby-dog may come in the future to help with my loneliness.  I won't compare it to my baby, but I'll love it and give it the best of everything I can.  Prayers to all of you.  It's such a gut-wrenching trauma to our system to lose the light of our life.  I'm trying to pick up the pieces and keep myself busy, but even that isn't enough some times.  The only relief I get is to come here to the forum and see that others have felt the same things I have ... the grief ... devastation ... loneliness ... anxiety and pure agony and how they are trying to cope.  One writer was saying they felt it was harder than losing a human family member, and I have felt the same way.  I think it is because our little babies ARE our little babies.  I never had children so my Taco WAS my only baby.  After all, they are just like us, but with 4 feet.  Just know you're not alone in your grief feelings.  We all have been where you are and we've been experiencing emotion after emotion.  One website states that the grief stages are:  Shock & Denial, Anger & Depression, Release & Honor, and Return To Love.  I know I have a long way to go on the acceptance/release part.  Lord help our broken hearts.
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OMG I am so sorry for your loss. My scruffy died on January 7th and it still hurts like yesterday! He had fallen on the stairs back in August and believe that may have been a mini stroke. He was approaching his 15th birthday. I have grown children yet he was like my child. Needless to say this site has given me great comfort to understand that I am not alone in my grief over a little companion who not only shared my bed but my life. On certain days, I have to remind myself he is gone and it is ok. He had a great life and we shared so much love and affection, No matter what I will miss him for ever. Just last night falling asleep knowing how he felt as he snuggled up next to me, pressed hard against my side or leg facing the door as if he would warn me against impending doom. Its impossible for someone to experience the grief that comes with, here today gone tomorrow. He was a respite from turmoil and sanctuary of comfort. I would rub his belly and kiss his head. That fateful morning I heard his groan and knew the end was at hand. I spoke softly to him how I loved him and how much joy he brought my family. I held him in my arms as we stood before the Vet and submitted to the shots. He died in my arms and would not have had it any other way. I know he heard my tears of sorrow and my love as his life faded away. As I now bring my self to tears, I hope I lessen your pain although I know it will never go away though it may fade with time. Again I am so sorry for your loss. PC290008.JPG 

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Hi Patty,
I am so very sorry for the loss of your beloved Gizmo. I lost my little shihtzu in November. I want to say that we had Bailey's teeth cleaned every year and he lived to be almost 16. I read that oral hygiene is so important and can prolong a dog's life so you were absolutely doing the right thing. I'm not sure what might have happened. Did the vet offer any explanation? This is so heartbreaking - you were being such a wonderful guardian to look after him and his needs. So unfair!
My little guy had cancer and we had to take him to the vet to be euthanized. We stayed with him but it was the hardest thing I have ever done. I still miss him as he was the light of our lives so I can really sympathize and understand the awful pain you are feeling. I hope it helps to know that others understand and care.
Wishing you peace and sending you hugs!
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Wow Patty, my deepest condolences for your completely unexpected loss. I can't begin to imagine what you are going through right now, even though I recently experienced an unexpected loss as well. We had no idea when we brought our loves to the vet that they wouldn't be coming back home with us, and it hurts and feels unfair. I wish I could truly help you. Perhaps you should allow yourself this grief for a time, and then get back to yourself. Maybe some short walks to get you moving around and out of the house, baby steps.. don't force it, and try not to let yourself fall too deep into that cycle of despair we get in when we don't take care of our physical bodies. Much love and peace to your heart and soul. 
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