I am furious over an article in today's paper.  A small dog does NOT belong outside unattended for any reason for any amount of time! Also, people who have invisible fence.....your pets are NOT protected from intruders! Some people should not be allowed to own pets! I am heartbroken over this story.....

A Fredericksburg Virginia woman was charged with two misdemeanors yesterday after her dogs got loose and mauled a much smaller dog.

City police spokeswoman Natatia Bledsoe said "Sammy," a 7-pound Shih Tzu-Chihuahua mix, was in his own front yard on Goodloe Drive about 12:15 p.m. when he was viciously attacked by two intruders.

A pit bull and a pit bull-mastiff mix had gotten out of their fenced yard on nearby Twin Lakes Drive when they spotted Sammy, Bledsoe said.

The dogs, which weighed 90 and 70 pounds, respectively, got hold of the small dog and literally tore him to pieces.

A neighbor witnessed the fatal attack and called police. Bledsoe said the neighbor reported that the larger dogs appeared to be using Sammy as a toy.

Bledsoe said Sammy's injuries were so extensive that animal control officer Tom Worthy could not tell what kind of dog he was.

Sammy's owner was away at the time, but had left the dog in a yard surrounded by invisible fencing. Yesterday afternoon, she had to explain to her children what had happened to their pet.

Worthy recognized the description of one of the suspect dogs from a previous complaint about the dog running at large.

He went to the home in the 200 block of Twin Lakes Drive and found both dogs. The owner voluntarily turned them over to Worthy about 2 p.m., and they were euthanized at a pound in Spotsylvania County a short time later.

Celia Ventura, 41, was charged with two counts of allowing dogs to run at large. Each count is a Class 4 misdemeanor that carries a maximum penalty of a $250 fine.

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Date published: 2/18/2011

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This is just horrific. Wrong on so many levels. I am physically sickened by what happened to Sammy. Why would Sammy's owner leave him unattended, in a yard with an invisible fence??? The "fence" offers no protection, as this tragedy clearly indicates. Let us not forget the other victims in this story, the two dogs euthanized for the attack. I feel saddened they had to die, also.
This was a human error and just so sad.
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OH MY GOSH ....   Horrifying on many levels.  What idiot would leave ANY animal unattended in the front yard?  I can't imagine the terror this poor baby endured ... the pain and anguish ... a little common sense is required ... geesh, pretty obvious that invisible fence isn't going to keep anything OUT.
And how awful for those dogs to have to be pts.  I don't know that I would just hand my dogs over without a fight though.... in the BEST of situations, dogs can get out .... it's just a nightmare for all involved and so very sad the animals always pay the price
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