Do photos of your pets trigger your pain and feelings of loss ? I ask this, because I am a photographer. A lot of my life revolves around shooting the stuff I like to see, and the stuff (or beings) that I love. Interestingly, I can't seem to come here (yet) start typing about our beautiful Sadie Mae, and not start crying..... Yet, for my 27" 4K monitor desk top, I have a high resolution shot of Sadie, and so I look at it every time I walk in my room, and it doesn't make me have a break down ?

This is kind of an important thing for me to know, as at some point, I'm going to have at least 3 very nice, medium sized (I dunno... 11 x 17 ?) aluminum prints made of Sadie (one for us, one for my GF's son, and one for her daughter... both grown, and living at their own places)

I asked my GF if she could she handle this now, and she wasn't really sure. I then asked about her kids, and she wasn't sure about them either ? So I'm kind of hanging on this.... I love the idea though, of a beautiful aluminum print of Sadie, with her leash hanging below it.....

And I'm going to make this happen. Just not sure if the rest of the family is ready for this ?

Your thoughts ?
Animal lover and photographer
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It has been 13 days for me since I had to say goodbye to my baby Jasmine and I can't bring myself to look at photos of her yet.  I know one day I will be so grateful to have them but it is too painful right now.  In my living room I have four 16x20 canvas prints hanging on the wall of her, my other dog, and the three of us together.  I absolutely cannot look at these.  I bawl every time I do but I refuse to take them down because she is my baby and I love her and I don't want to run from her memory either.

I don't know if my rambling will actually be helpful to you or not.  I know it may be different for others and some people find comfort in looking at photos even in the early stages.
I miss you every minute of every day, my sweet baby Jasmine.
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I lost my Harmony on August 31 - just a few days ago. For me, i've been clinging onto her pictures. Pictures and videos.. It brings me comfort... you can't put into words. I am the same as you, I start writing about her or speaking about her.. and i get this lump in my throat and burst out in tears. I'm so scared that i'll forget certain features or her quirkiness.. so i'm clinging to my photos/video memories of her. Just writing this makes me tremble and i'm paralyzed with sadness. 

My plan is to make a Photo-book or a Shadow Box when i receive her ashes back (which im dreading). 

I'm so sorry for your loss, friend. I hope this gets easier for us.

Harmony's Mom, Alex
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Whenever I see a photo of my cat Marmalade (on my cell phone for example), I exclaim "HEYYY YOU!" and smile. I can't help it. 

I plan on having photo prints made and will frame them and place electric candles around them. And turn them on each night to illuminate his special place, where his ashes and paw prints are displayed.

And someday I would like to have some paintings commissioned of him by some artists.

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For me, initially pictures made me sad. Now I can look at pictures with possibly a smile and possibly a tear. We're all different. So I would wait a bit. You want Sadie to bring joy not pain.

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Thank you all so much. I really appreciate all of your input. I think for now, I'm going to hold off, for one, to make sure the rest of the family is ready, but also because, quite honestly, we still have nearly $4000 in vet bills to cover, on top of the over $3000 we had already spent. And aluminum prints are not exactly cheap.... Even my cost, in spite of the fact I have a business deal with my aluminum print guys.

Thanks again.
Animal lover and photographer
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