My husband ran over my beautiful black lab the day after my birthday. And I saw the whole thing. I told him to move the car up because there was a puddle. Sunny hated the rain. Fitting name for her, huh? He ran over my best friend. And while I was being strong for her and telling her everything was going to be okay, he was sobbing and missing out on her final moments. It rained more after she died. She hated the rain.

You always see the posts about sick pets and pets that have to be put down or that passed away from old age. There aren’t any for the ones that are taken. Taken in perfect health. Taken when the day before, they helped to celebrate your birthday. Taken when you had every intention of having them in your wedding because they were perfectly healthy.

Its not fair when that happens. When there’s no time to prepare. When all of the sudden, you see the bump of the car. You see them run around in a circle, run into the house, and then lay very still on the ground. Its not fair when you tell them everything is going to be okay and that they just have to hold on. And then realizing there’s nothing for you to do. And so you stop. And you tell them its okay to let go. And that they don’t have to hang on anymore. And that everything is still going to be okay.

It’s been a year, May 28th, 2019, since that day. Since I saw all of these things and said all of these things. And I still miss her. Every day. Some days worse than others. Its not fair when they’re taken. It’s not fair at all.
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No it isn't fair when these terribly tragic accidents occur.  I am so sorry about your loss.  Everyone grieves when they lose a fur baby.  The grief seems to be even greater when an accident is  involved.  I know the whole experience has been terrible for you and your family.  I understand your deep grief as does everyone in this group.
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My dog Chewie was left outside in our back yard by my mother almost 4 years ago, even knowing we had a broken fence but trusting he would not try to escape. Well - he DID escape, and he was hit by a car and dead before anything in the family could get to him. He died alone and scared and hurt on the side of the road (minus the nice person who claims they saw the accident happen and got out of their car to check on our Chewie baby). Nothing but time helps you grieve. Anger especially does not help. In fact, time wasnt enough for me - I had to DO something in Chewie's name to make myself feel as if he did not die for nothing. I went and volunteered at a shelter and kept in mind that everytime I helped a homeless dog find a family, I was doing it in Chewie's memory. Now here I am 3 years later and freshly loosing my other fur baby, and instead of volunteering I try and donate things to local pet shelters and just write the name as Anakin to help preserve the name of my other fur baby. I have found that these positive asssociations are much more helpful than any anger or guilt ones brought me. 
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Dear Abbey,

I am so, so sorry and saddened to learn of your recent, tragic loss. "Freak accidents" are actually very common (including pet's sadly being run over in their own family's driveways.) It happens ALL the time. 

You wrote:

"You always see the posts about sick pets and pets that have to be put down or that passed away from old age. There aren’t any for the ones that are taken. Taken in perfect health."

On the contrary sweetie, if you do a search on this pet grief forum or this one on Reddit , you will be very shocked to see the number of similar accidents to the one that you have sadly had to endure, that occur ALL the time. They are unfortunately very, very common.

In light of this, I am recommending that everyone walk around their car 360 degrees and look underneath it and in the vehicles wheel-wells (some may wish to also inspect their engine compartments), PRIOR to driving their vehicles, and if possible it would be smart to use an air-horn (the size of an aerosol sprayer) to warn pet's to stay away from the car, when it is about to be driven. Or have a louder horn installed in your vehicle to blow.

For some unknown reason, our pet's often forget of the dangers involved in a rolling vehicle. I don't know why there are not more public awareness campaigns regarding the potential for accidents such as what you tragically just experienced, but there truly should be. 

Kind regards & my sincerest condolences,

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Dear Amanda,

I am sorry for your losses. It was very admirable what you did working at shelter's and then donating things in Anakin's name. I took my boy Marmalade's remaining canned cat food and fed local feral's and strays with it. Now I am trying to foster a small kitten that I named "KID" as it has a mustache like Charlie Chaplin, so he was named after Chaplin's classic film "The Kid." I am trying to help domesticate "KID" so that he can be put up for adoption at a local adoption facility. Going to give him Marmalade's new scratching post too. Marmalade liked kittens. He must have sired many litters in his lifetime.

I think what you did in the memory of your beloved's is honorable, noble, dignified, selfless and true. Well done!

Kind regards & my sincerest condolences,
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