Last night my 13 yr old furbaby Dakota passed away. I had to work all night and came home to find him. I noticed something was not right yesterday evening before I left. I feel guilty not being there for him to take his last breath. Instead he died alone. I pray my other dog was comfort for him in his last moments.
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Medena I’m so sorry! Yes I’m sure your other dog was a comfort to Dakota. He wasn’t alone. Try not to feel guilt. You had no idea, how could you have know. I’m so sorry for you, many hugs,,,,,
Lynn, Tankie’s mom, forever
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My deepest condolences on your loss my dear. I also think your other dog would have been a comfort to him. I read a story of 2 stray dogs on a busy highway where one was hit/ and killed and the other dog refused to leave his friend. It was dangerous but they were able to rescue the dog who was left there. The reason for my story is that dogs are so tuned into illness, even in humans, so I feel fairly certain your other dog was right there with your beloved Dakota. Your other dog may need some extra attention as a result and you can cry on his shoulder as you hug him. He will understand and want to comfort you back. That way neither of you will be quite so alone in this sad loss. Take Care and I wish you peace,
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