I know it's been ages since I've been here but I felt I had to come back and post the link below.  After I lost my Tasha I came here and found out exactly what I had been buying all these years believing it was the "best".  Through these discussions about what others are feeding their furbabies I changed brands.  Then I found Susan (if I found her thru someone's referral from RB I apologize as I don't remember how I found her LOL).  She has a site ( that has lots of information on it ... things I never knew ... things all of us furparents should know.  Anyways, to make a long story short (you guys can check out the site yourselves), she did a presentation to the students at a vet college and posted the videos for all of us to see.  Thought some might like to check it out.
Maryalice ~~ forever Mom to Tasha, Max, and Tux

Tasha ... you will never be forgotten. Enjoy the Bridge where you travelled to on 3/8/08. Let Dad know when Max joins you.

Max ... why you never came home I will never know (6/10/09).
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so sorry for the loss
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