I had a wonderful pit I found at age 2 years had her 14 years she became my service dog vs by her name was diagnosed with agrasive 2 mass tunas in her liver due to her ago chemo and radiation was out the vet onocologyst place her on meds 5 of them but dir say she give her 6 month the where about right on July 5 she came up yo me have her s hug I gave her one back she played on the middle of the living room and stoped breathing I have her CPR for so long I could not trll you of how many I.have o actually food not stop till r egamorgas set in and the prop l e from the cremation came over to pick her up from home she passed with her other3 furbabys by her side my best friend me with the calls to be mad
Don't kink I'm goings crazy but I can sense her presents by my bed side the yard walking and in the kitchen h en when I t s treat time. When I'm crying really hard she tells me I'm ok mom don't cry i will still protect y ou
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Hello Babysmom, I am so deeply sorry for your loss. I had 2 small dogs but have always found pits to be super friendly and loving dogs and your baby sounds like she was extra special! It's just so sad that they have to grow old and we have to watch them go off over the bridge to wait for us. You know though, and you have been sensing, that she is still with you in spirit. She loved you too much to ever really leave you. One day you will meet up with your beautiful baby again. Hugs to you!
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