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We have a rescued Plott Hound mix named Myna. She's about 2yrs old and about 60lbs. Myna came to us as SUCH a perfect dog, including already house-trained. About 6mo or so after her adoption, Myna started displaying evidence of incontinence. She would basically leak a small puddle of urine. On the couch, on the rug, on her dog bed. It always occurs while sleeping. Myna also drinks unreasonable quantities of water in one sitting. She routinely drinks about a liter in a sitting. If we didn't ration her water, she might drink about 4.5 liters a day. It's now to the point where she SOAKS her bed some nights.

No vet has been able to solve this. Water rationing doesn't work. Maintenance medication like proin and others haven't worked. Now they want to do an MRI to see if she has a congenital birth defect in her plumbing.

Has ANYONE ever solved such a riddle?
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