It is one year ago today I awoke knowing what I would find.  we said our goodbyes around Midnight and I knew it was her final goodbye.  I had the day off so did not have to worry about going to work.  I bundled her up and my sister drove us to the Vet's.  She was a big favorite there so we were met with much sadness and caring.  It was an empty ride home.  The next moring on my way to work I saw Ralphie's face in the clouds with Angel wings on either side. When we rounded the corner I looked again & the whole cloud formation was gone.  Not breaking up or changing form........just gone!
A few days later came the drean of the kitten in the Santa hat, popping out at me out of a waste basket! Made me smile, & wonder ??? Then, some weeks later, cleaning out a drawer, I pulled out an old nightshirt - I forgot I ever had it.  It had a comical picture on it of a kitten in a Santa Hat!!!  Peanut remembered and she wanted me to smile again.
Then, her ashes came home,  but first,  Ten minutes before, the dogs Paco & Angie, began running around the room & barking up towards the ceiling.  Then they ran to the door, wagging thier tales like mad.  "Whatever they see it is friendly," I said.  Ten mins. later........the doorbell rang, and Peanuts ashes were delivered by UPS.  Her spirit had come home ahead of her ashes!
Let everyone know there is life after what we call death.  Amen.
Peanut Kandy, be close to me this day.  I need to know you are still here & help me to get thru this difficult time...........
In memory of my Bridge Kids, past until present.
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Hi Pauline..

My thoughts and prayers are with  you today as you remeber your precious Peanut Kandy..A beautiful lady who is with you always and forever in your heart and memory...

Love and Hugs Faye
Faye_D-Max and White Boots Mom
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Love to you, Pauline and your sweet Peanut Kandy, on this one year marker.
(((( hugs )))

I love you forever Katie Kitty.
I can't wait to hugga-bug again with you one day.
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