Picked up my baby today. Placed some of her toys in with her. Maybe I can sleep now that my girl is home with me.

IMG_0533.jpg  Haven't eaten much since she passed away. Tonight was the first meal we sat down to. Peaches would always eat her supper with us.It was very hard to get through the meal without her. Next week will be another test. When I get home from work she is at the door, tail wagging, ears back wanting me to pick her up so she can give me a kiss on the nose. 

Over time it will get easier. I will always have the memories of our short ten years together.  

I want to thank everyone for the kind words. I'm now pretty much an expert on small dog congestive heart disease. Anytime I saw a change in Peaches we were either on the way to the vet or I was on the phone with him ( also had his personal cell # ). He said I was probably one of the most observant parent he'd seen. So anyone needs some first hand advice on this terrible disease let me know.

I love you Peaches. You'll always be my baby. IMG_0536.jpg 

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Tim, My deepest condolences on the loss of your beloved Peaches. I love the pictures you posted. What a beautiful remembrance to your little girl! I think it will bring you some peace to have her at home with you again. All the best,
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That is a lovely memorial for little Peaches. May she rest in peace. Forever in your heart, that is for sure.

I know it feels so empty. And the routines have changed. I wish you peace during this difficult period.

Take care.
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A beautiful memorial to your little girl Peaches. Everything changes in our lives when they leave, missing the routines are so difficult. I lost both my dogs last year to congestive heart failure, one was 17, but the other was only 10, Chinadoll. It happened so fast, I wasn't aware how quickly the condition could change. I pray for comfort for you and your family. Peaches looks so sweet. Blessings.
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I feel your pain over loosing Peaches. I too picked up my fur baby's ashes and brought him home. I feel a little better but it is so hard not having him here with me. I will donate his travel crate and several of his sweaters, toys and food to a local shelter but I will always keep his bed near my recliner. R.I.P. Neco. Find Peaches & play together baby till I see you again. Mommy loves you..💙
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