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These websites are just for people who need help paying their vet bills -






Susan (heartsick)
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If you have a lot of friends on something like facebook, you can create a Go Fund Me account. My friend did this when her 6 pound yorkie ate some gum that contained xylitol which can be fatal for pets. You create the profile on Go Fund Me and can share it with family and friends using social media. She got $625 in 24 hours which was a huge help. Even though most friends only contributed about $5 or $10 it added up. Never underestimate the power and willingness of family and friends to help out on when bad things happen. The hardest part is asking for help.
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Hi have 2 pets and both are Dogs, They are very cute and very healthy but when they get sick I have to spend lots of amount in their treatment and this make me little worried. I cannot stop their sickness but I can control my expenditure by taking right animal insurance. Since last 2 years I am reputed customer of Petplan Live Stock - http://www.petplanlivestock.com.au. They are not only providing insurance but also provide insurance to exotic animals, cattle’s, fishes and other wild animals. Their policy is also very affordable.
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The Big Hearts Fund (financial assistance for the diagnosis and treatment of canine and feline heart disease)

Brown Dog Foundation (prescription medications)

Canine Cancer Awareness

Cats In Crisis

The Dog & Cat Cancer Fund

God's Creatures Ministry Veterinary Charity


Magic Bullet Fund (cancer-specific)

The Mosby Fund

The Onyx & Breezy Foundation

Paws 4 A Cure

Pet Food Stamps

The Pet Fund

Pets of the Homeless (pet food and veterinary care assistance for homeless)

RedRover Relief

Rose's Fund

Shakespeare Animal Fund

Top Dog Foundation "Bentley Grant": for senior dogs (age 10 and over; breed taken into consideration when determining what is "senior")






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Hello Guys - we are the owners of http://www.lifedeal.com.au , this is life insurance site. We are looking to develop pet insurance website as we think this topic is really important for pet owners.
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I have a dog and i have made sure all his treatment are covered by insurance. There are plenty of options available for you as mentioned by heartstick above.

You could try http://www.petinsurancecoverage.net/ or petchance.org or alternatives available here  

Do go through the terms and conditions and what type of treatments are covered under the insurance policy you choose.

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damselfly1213 wrote:
First off, I apologize if this topic has already been covered, but this was a big issue for me in the treatment of my dog, whose vet bills were very high.

There's a company called CareCredit http://www.carecredit.com/ that you can apply to for a line of credit for medical bills, including vet bills. I found out about it from a flyer at my vet's office. I think your vet has to be a participant in their network. You can either call your vet to find out, or, if you apply online, they have a look up feature to find participating doctors. It's on the up and up - I used it to pay part of my dog's bills. I took out a plan where I have 6 months to pay off the bill with no interest.

You may still decide that the cost is more than you can afford, but this is an option.  

Thank you for that. You are correct. Unlike humans, veterinarians need to be paid on the spot, kinda , even though we love our dogs more than our people, anyway, you, once again are correct!
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Hello! Good morning to everyone!
I never thought I would get the opportunity to share my grief.
My dog's name was Joey.
He was a Border Collie Mix. In essence, he was a Mutt. Beautiful Mutt.
He lived to be 13 years, six months, and ten days.
I am asking for help. I am failing at this "get over it" thing.
He was truly my best friend.
I rescue dogs...that is my calling.
I didn't rescue them, Joey did.
In a matter of two days, I took him lying limp in my arms to have him put to sleep.
The most difficult task that no person should endure.
I spoke to him and prayed with him as the kind Doctor took his last breath away.
Please help me.
I know that I could have been better.
I miss my Baby so much. I wish I were multi-lingual just to express my loss. He never, ever, never, ever did anything wrong!
I failed him.
Joey was the happiest dog I ever knew. He played and played.
He trained other dogs. He made friends with everyone he encountered. He would say, "Hi! My name is Joey! Would you like to play?"
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thank u!!!
Tiny Tanks Unblocked
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Hey, everyone. New here. I am trying to find a way to pay for our golden retrievers vet bills. He is having a toe amputation today because the bone is infected. He does so much for his mom's anxiety at home and we want him to be strong and healthy. He really is such a good boy and his mom would have a very hard time without him. If you have it in your heart to donate and help us cover these costs, we would be forever grateful.
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I would recommend looking into a crowd fund campaign. Such as:



There are a few others mentioned here in the link below in this informative article:


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