Paul Theroux writes beautifully about his 10 years with Willie, a white goose he raised by hand since its birth. His grief at losing this creature is immense - we all know that agony.

Wishing you all a restful and peaceful weekend.

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Thank you for sharing this with us here on the forum. It is beautifully written, heartfelt, insightful and very poignant. Well worth a read.

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  Wow. I read the whole passage that was provided in the link. What an amazing tale of Paul's love for his beloved Willy. The bonds that we as humans forge with our animal allies is so special and enduring. When Willy passed, Paul was brought to tears and more profoundly affected by this than the death of his parents. Thank You for sharing this story with us. You made my day.


Jim Miller
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James and Jim - Yes, even though you know how things will end as you read Theroux's recollection, it's wrenchingly sad. It brought me to tears.

He's a brilliant writer, and his descriptions of Willie (appearance, temperament, habits) and the bond they shared is incandescent with affection, wonder, and, yes, love.

It's the finality of an existence truncated in some way that is just so hard to accept. As irrational and fantastical as it is, I still find myself wishing things could be the way they were before that awful day. The event that divides your life before and then after is implacable and merciless.

I know there's no going back and no reversal of events, and yet the mind insists on veering into a certain direction. It's coming to terms with how quasi-alien life feels now, and finding a way to make your way through such seemingly inhospitable terrain, that is the everyday work. 

I find time hangs particularly heavily on the weekend. I did get out with my sister for a lovely brunch, and we walked around in wonderfully bright sunshine.

Big hugs.

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