Patch I wanted to post this to let you know that I miss you.  It has been 5 weeks and I no longer feel the incredible grief, but I do miss you very much.  I miss our special bond.  I miss our "lap time" in the morning and how you curled up next to me at night.  I miss your big personality - I even miss having to scold you for counter-surfing.  I will miss you begging your Dad for fresh crab meat when we are picking crabs in the summer.  Crab was your favorite!  And who could blame you?  You gave me so much love and were there for me when I was going through my cancer treatments.  I always had you, no matter what.  I miss those days when it was just you, Roxy and me in that little apartment I first moved into upon moving to our new town.  I have a picture of you and your sister at the office sitting in the window at that apartment and a picture of you under the Christmas tree on the soft, red blanket I can look at every day.  You are here now, in your box wrapped by a soft, velvet bag.  You are on your favorite chair for the most part, but sometimes I put you in the sun or keep you beside me on the bed stand.  I wish you were still here - but you were sick and it was time to let you go "back to God" to wait for me.  A week after you left, I was out running and had a sudden vision that you and my Poppop were in heaven waiting for me.  I know you are keeping each other company - he loved cats and I know he is loving all over you.  I miss you - there will never be another Patch.  I love you and always will my boy.

I always used to tell you "mommy loves you".  Well, mommy loves you my boy.  I hope you can hear me.  I will see you again someday.
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Those anniversaries are so hard. Today is exactly four months since I lost Cody and yesterday was the first mother's day without him. I miss him so very much. I pray to my parents each night to watch over my little boy, my cat Moneypenny, our guinea pig Vinnie and all our other babies. My mom never got to see Cody because she passed four months before we got him. That was one of the reasons I adopted him because I missed her so much. He helped to heal my heart and helped me get through every other hardship in my life until his passing. We had such a special bond that I never experienced with any other animal. He was my ❤️.
Julie 💔
"Grief only exists where love lived first."
--Franchesca Cox
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