I lost my boy Harley on Thursday 2/7/13. He is a standard poodle. He was my best friend. He followed me everywhere. I am angry because I did not have much time with him because my vet did not catch he had melanoma in his nail bed when he did surgery on him. It was a classic case of melanoma the cancer specialist told me. I realize it would not have changed the outcome but if I had known maybe we would have had him longer. It was a month after surgery he developed a cough. He was treated for 15 days and it was not much better so I insisted on an X-ray to find out his lungs were full of cancer. Please let everyone know melanoma starts in nail bed and the mouth. Dark brown and black dogs are prone to melanoma . I can't stop crying I miss him so bad. I have never felt this hurt before . My house is so quiet without him.
Diane Murnane
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I feel your pain. I don't know where my little Chia's started, but I lost her on Friday the 8th. I guess what surprised me the most is how fast she went downhill. Just a week ago, she was acting normal. Her cough had gone away with antibiotics and she was eating again. I was going to take her in to have her teeth cleaned in July. Thanks to your post, I am glad to know what to look for when I start again with a new furbaby. I am so sorry for your loss, because I feel it so intensely now. They say time will make it better, but I think when I pick up her ashes it will start all over again. I have just now begun to stop crying all the time during the day, and I cry when I got to bed at night, since her little bed was right beside ours. You are not alone.
Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world, which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime, and falling in at night. --Edna St.Vincent Millay
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I found out my Bobby had cancer on 31st May , and very very quickly huge cancerous cysts appereaded all over his body, he was scratching and biting them till they bled , I had to make the decision to put him out his misery and send him to sleep forever , I was not prepared for the overwhelming grief that I feel missing that wee warm body .  I hope you find comfort , it is a very very real pain missing our wee fur babies
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Lost my Rottie (Dutchess) on April 6th to Osteosarcoma. She was only 5 and was diagnosed on March 16th. I can't get over this no matter how hard I try. She was my baby, my rock, my love and my life. I am currently going through grief counseling, but the pain still reduce me to tears at least once a day. I'm still sleeping with her collar and I just want her back. Any advice is welcome. I feel like I am dying inside....it hurts so bad.
Toni Gray
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