You don't know how much my husband and me appreciate this site and all of the support we have received while grieving the loss of our beloved Tunaka.

Our story I'm sure is not much different than any of yours. For 11 1/2 years now it has only been Tunaka, my husband and me as we have been unable to have children. Some of you will relate when I say that he was our child. 

Losing him this past Monday was one of the most painful things either my husband or me have ever had to experience. I still haven't stopped crying. We did however find relief today in bringing his ashes home and knowing that he is here at home with us where he belongs. 

While browsing the site we noticed that we can add a song to Tunaka's residency page. You can only imagine my reaction when I scrolled down and saw "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" as a selection. This was our song.
No, really.... ever since Tunaka was 3 months old my husband and me would sing this song to him. He always participated by howling in melody. Tunaka loved to sing with his pack... his family. A part of me wonders now if maybe in some unforeseen way we were preparing him and ourselves for this moment. Thanks to all of your support and our memory of singing our song we do believe that we will meet our most loved one again someday over the rainbow.....
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i'm sorry for the loss of your pet as on wednesday i also lost mine and cried until yesterday when i finally got out to go have lunch with my wife.after that icalled some friends up and chated awhile and it seemed to get more focused on how good my dog was and all the happy times we shared instead of ,i just lost the most greatest thing i my life, i very much loved my dog rosey and that dredful "decision"i was faced with. my dog always had issues with going to the vet,she would shake,pant,get as close as posible,and the day i put her down, none of that was there,it was a peacing time for her, she had her composure,dignity,pride and her loved ones by her dog was worthy of my love and i was worthy of hers, that i will never forget.i love my rosie. the reallity i face now is the dogs i have that rosie left is a rescue i got when he(max)was 12, owner surrender and i don't think he knew he had a sister. he is way fun though, and hope another rescue my wife had is walking around looking for rose and that is so sad. we put rosie's collar on her for the smells and comfort and she now gets the big girl bed. she will be fine and i too second guessed my decision but based it on what was best for rose and not me, it's sad but i will see her again and cross the bridge.i'm sorry for the loss we all share, as i raise my glass in honor of mans best friend  and our beloved dogs, cats(all dear pets) we shall meet up again and ride the skys and play as we fall asleep beside each other waiting for the next day. r.i.p. rosey i love you and prayers to you all. 

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