This morning as I sleepily shuffled from my bed to the next room, I caught a glimpse of (what I thought was) Ana Ng out of the corner of my eye. In reality it was a small black blanket balled up on the couch. I started crying immediately. 
I just want one more day of having her by my side and one more night of holding her as we sleep. Of course that would never be enough.

Ana Ng, I love you forever and I thank you for the 19 and a half years of sheer joy that you gave me. 

K. Unger
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Dear Katie,

I've been a researcher (among other trades) on the side for over 3 decades now. As a paid corporate and private consultant countless times. Including as a legal researcher. And for my own research and curiosity, I've studied metaphysics, psychics, theology and the paranormal etc. And there is something important that I've noticed when it comes to the mystical and the divine. At times "signs" we encounter are very, very, very subtle. People believe a miracle or a sighting is supposed to be very obvious and even a newsworthy event for them to believe in it. As if God is this long white hair and beard Zeus like character, sitting on a marble throne who is going to float down from the Heaven's and cast a lighting bolt or heal a sick child. But that is not the case.

When a "sign" occurs at times it quite often manifests itself in the abstract. Such as what you just encountered seeing Ana NG. Yes, the black blanket balled up on the couch was just a blanket, but for a moment it wasn't. There was an energy (a manifestation) around it. It is like when we sense "Dejavu" (which some Physicists have theorized that we sense, because everything has already happened, and we are just living it out slowly through time) or when we experience "Synchronicity" (which Freud's protegee, the brilliant Carl Jung researched and supported was scientifically verifiable.)

So please don't underestimate what you experienced. It may have indeed been a manifestation. I've read hundreds and hundreds of posts / comments etc. from those who have lost pet's and their experiences demonstrate that there is something to seeing "signs."

The "Out of the Corner of My Eye" title you chose for your post above it poignant too, as many throughout time have reported seeing apparitions or manifestations only out of the corner of their eye. Which vanish when looked at directly. 

People may scoff at evidence of the paranormal, but we live in a vast, mysterious Universe where anything is possible. There is a great deal that we still do not know. It is akin to people believing that the Earth was flat once. Or that the Sun orbited the Earth. Back in the 1880's they would not have even believed we could use a computer to communicate. It would seem like magic to them. So we should all keep our minds and senses open, in my opinion.

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