Sweet babe,

Today is one week without you. I hope that doggie paradise is everything you could ever wish for. I hope all the chicken in the Universe is there for you to enjoy. You didn't love toys much, but I sure do hope that the gardens there are beautiful for you to play in. I hope that come spring, you will be able to help Ma plant her vegetable garden as you did in the last 3 years at the house.

Sweet Nellie. Dedi misses you so very much, shes actually keeping me strong, but her pain at your loss is great. She wont show it much, but you can see it. She is glad that your are in a better place and not in pain, same as mom and I. Mom misses your sweet face and good listening ears. We all 3 love you so much, and I know you know that. Its hard though, you were everything to us and still are. It's just so hard to know you're gone. There wont ever be a day that we dont think about you and miss you.

I hope they have a nice warm comfy couch for you to sleep on where you are. We'll see each other again sweet baby. And we'll hopefully never have to be apart again.

We love you, little Nellstie.
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This is absolutely beautiful...thank you for sharing....
B Kuzenski
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Hi alnforverand always - I am sorry for your loss of sweet Nellie. I believe in your one post you have captured most of our sentiments here in this forum. At one week the pain is still quite raw but I can say at the five month mark you are right .. although it becomes more manageable, it will be forever and always. — always- wishing you peace in your heart- Zeke’s forever and always dad - Ted
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