Losing a pet is never easy, my wife and I are grieving over our Lilo.  She is our last dog out of 3 and the pain is unbearable.  The house is so empty.  This forum is helping us to heal slowly.  Today, my wife wanted us to write a letter to Lilo. We miss her dearly. 06/21/2003 - 05/16/2020.


My daughter, my care taker, but most importantly my protector!  You give me more than anyone could have given me.


The morning greetings with your stinky breath, but not until you know I am awake.


Your are my shadow-I love and miss your paws behind me and your many aggressive intrusions in the bathroom.


Our walks- I will forever miss our morning walks. The excitement you show after my workout and looking for your leash.  You barked, marked, and pooped at almost every block!


Our car rides- You have to be on my lap and my arm is your resting arm.  You would not lay your head down if my arm was not readily for you.  Daddy and I dread the rainy days...because you will try to attack the windshield wipers.


Our many trips-  Especially your favorite place...SANTA BARBARA!!!  You are the happiest there!  The smile on your face is seen by all!  Everyone comments on it.


You love me unconditionally; especially during my tough times. You comfort me, protect me, and you made sure no one  can hurt me.


My daughter, my care taker, my protector...you have filled my heart with so much love and joy!  No one will ever replace you!  My heart is full with memories of you.


Rest in peace my STINKY POO POO!  Chase the rainbow and look down on us from time to time.  We will carry your love with us forever!






My dear baby girl Lilo,


You made us proud, I hope we provided the best life to you as your parent.  There is not and will never be a day, hours, minutes, or seconds you are not on my mind.  I miss your energy.  I miss your curiosity, possessive, care, love, and worries for us.  I miss the vacations we had together.  I miss all the outings we shared at restaurants and bars.  I miss the way you demanded my attention.  That time when you got in trouble by your mommy and you were calling for my attention from a bedroom and in the hallway.  I rescued you, as I always do whenever you are in trouble.  You will always be a daddy’s girl and I will always continue to spoil you.  These characteristics of yours are irreplaceable.  I fought for you to go with us everywhere, even if it was just a quick car ride to the store.  I didn’t want us to be away from each other.  I keep on telling myself that you would want me to celebrate your life.  I’m trying really hard to and I will do it because that’s how you would want me to.  I want you to know whenever I’m smiling, is because you brought that to me.  I blamed myself for not able to rescue you this time and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. This hole inside my heart will always be empty until we are reunited again. Please continue to watch over your mommy from above and I will protect her here on earth.  Please send a sign whenever you need my attention and take care of Onyx and Lola.  Us 5 will be reunited one day again.  Daddy loves you.



Forever in our heart Lilo, Onyx, and Lola
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What a beautiful baby!! I’m so sorry for your loss. I cried as I read each of your letters to you love. How beautiful and precious each word of love you to your baby!! What a wonderful tribute! I wish you hugs and healing! 
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She was absolutely beautiful and the smile on her face tells me she was well loved and well taken care of. When you lose your beloved family member there is an emptiness that can not be filled. It just takes time. 
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What a beautiful tribute. I cried while reading each letter to your baby.  I miss my  little CHI Fancy everyday and I hope she she knows how much she was loved and how much we all miss her. 
You and your wife were wonderful parents to her and I know she loved you very much
alan farlowe
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