I just had to share this story...Earlier today when I was on this forum, I read where people get signs from their pet after they have passed. I've hoped for these and have had a couple, but thought it was just cause I "wanted" them. Today marks 5 weeks since I lost my baby boy Jack, and for some reason it is getting harder and harder. I miss him More and More I think. Ive rescued two dogs, Bandit and Baxter, and they are sweet hearts, just don't feel a connection as of yet.  Anyway, today I was in my car, I always think of Jack on Friday at 3:12, thats when he passed, well at that moment I happen to look at the clock and it was 3:12. On the radio at that minute, the song " I Can See Clearly Now the Rain is Gone" came on!!!!  In the lyrics it says "hear is the rainbow I've been waiting for" GONNA BE A BRIGHT, BRIGHT, SUNSHINY DAY!!!  Thanks JACK!!! I miss you sooo much...STILL!! Momma Loves You!!
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That sounds awesome to me.   More than a coincidence.  I'm not easily convinced by signs
and symbols, but that's just me, it doesn't mean they don't happen,   but what happened then just seems like a gift from
Jack.  I'm so sorry you lost Jack and understand your pain only too well, but to me your precious baby is giving you a strong sign of hope, also that he is happy.  It's early days for you yet but I really do think this is something wonderful to hold on to, and I hope I can have something wonderful
like that to happen to me when my sick little dog passes soon.

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