Our 11 year old beautiful long haired red boy was killed thanks to the incompetence and unsanitary condition of a Vet Hospital.

Rocky did have kidney problems, but not severe enough that he should have died. He became quite sick on a Friday night and as no other vet's were open we went to this "Hospital". $3000 later, 3 days later, we take him home with no diagnosis. Because of IV fluid intervention, he improved over the next 10 days, only to start becoming ill again. This time we saw our vet. He was give IV fluids and the "Correct antibiotic" for his condition, but this time he didn't rally like the last time.

At the same time, his sister became ill. Rocky passed away two days later in our arms. Montana, his sister, worsened. She was put on 10 days of antibiotics but still almost died. We have five feral's here and every single one was hit with this virus. 

It basically was the kennel cough and Rocky contracted it at the Vet Hospital. It's been a month since he died, but it's been hard to grieve for him when so many of our others were severely ill. 

My husband and I actually contracted the bacteria as well, and it presented like a cold, cough but not too severely. Thank heavens it didn't as we both suffer from several immune conditions.

Everything right now feels so wrong. My heart feels like it's bleeding. My lovely boy slept beside me every single night. He'd roll onto his side and wait for me to put my arm around him. He'd be there when I woke up. I know he'd leave with the others to have their own playtime in the middle of the night, but he was always back when I started stirring. How do you learn to live without that. For Bob and I, he truly was like a son. He loved us both so much and we gave it all and more back to him. 

I try not to show too much emotion around the other five. They all get very upset when I cry. They are all our babies too and need us so much. This is the second cat we lost this year. Our sweet little Mambo, a true feral she was, we'd taken her in when she was pregnant. It was obviously her first heat. She was such a tiny thing. Had four healthy little kittens. We still have two of her's, Sylvester and Pepe. 

She was just too young to die, only 9, but our vet said that being feral, she may have had many issues we weren't aware of. Oh God it hurts so much.
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Dear Ann,

I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful Rocky. The photo of him is so precious, he looks so comfy in that chair, thank you for sharing this wonderful photo of your handsome boy.

I hope Montana is showing improvement, and hopefully is getting stronger each day.

It is never easy to lose such loved members of our family.
Sending our most positive healing thoughts your way, wishing such peace and healing to your broken heart.
Hold the beautiful memories of your handsome Rocky close to your heart, by doing so, you will always feel Rocky's beautiful love and light as he gentle hugs your heart with his soft loving paws.

Sincerely, Don & Vera
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