I look at the spot where you used to be
You will never be just a dog to me
We miss you every single day
Why does life have to be this way
We will always remember you
We hope that you will remember us too
I can't forget the day I brought you home
I knew then that we'd never be alone
You brought us such joy
You sweet loving boy

~ Lilli

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Isn't it beautiful to look back at the life we had planned for our pups. Knowing we had a beautiful life together just as we planned.
Unfortunately we know someday they will leave us but always thinking that day will never come.
Popcorn had a beautiful life. No matter how tragic the ending was he knew you and your daughter loved him.
Hang on to that

Popcorn is sooooo cute!!!!
Here's William as a pup and then the day he was put down. So handsome.. lol
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