Dallas had a beautiful soul. Loving, giving, kind, smart. He would want his family to be happy not sad. After 2 months we decided to adopt a new fur baby from a friend who hated how her daughter was treating him, letting her dogs run, chase and try to bite at a 6 month old kitten. He is 1 year now. First day he howled a lot and hid in the bathroom most of the day like he did at his old house even though he's the only animal here. So we close the bathroom door do not let him inside. He broke that old habit quick. He's been walking around like king of the roost. He learns quickly, likes to play a lot and just curl up on you. We saved him and he saved us. Remi likes to do a lot of things my dog did... Something in Remi's expression in his eyes grabbed my heart. He's the first cat I've ever owned. If he was orange he has black stripes and is overweight for his age, we gave him Garfield as a nickname. He's only been here one week and lost one lb. Positive, happy environment a place to run and play safely, people who spoil him with loves and hugs. By the end of August I bet we will have him down to a normal weight, he has a cat tree house he loves playing on.
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I love your post, it brought a smile to me and that is always a wonderful thing. Thank you for posting this, I'm so happy for Garfield, and for your family.
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