My wife & I have had two wonderful cats Ramo & Oozo for all but the first 3 months of our marriage 18 years ago. Ramo our brown tabby has been losing weight due to an enzyme deficiency and has been given about 1-2 months to live.  We were doing our best to cope with the ups and downs with knowing he will soon leave us.  Last Sat. his litter mate Oozo who is solid black and admittedly our favorite started acting like he may have had a seizure. He seemed to bounce back and was still his loving self when I noticed his mouth looked odd.  His jaw looked like it was dislocated so we made a vet appointment. The vet told us that it could be dislocated due to some trauma or it could be a tumor.  Xrays confirmed a tumor so severe that his Mandible was collapsed.  My wife left work early as she was in no shape to concentrate there.  We returned to the vet taking Ramo to say goodbye to our little Oozo.  We spent about a 1/2 hr. with him telling him how much we loved him. We didn't want to let him go but he was in such misery & he just didn't look our little man. Just seconds before the injection we were still getting little head butts from him.  At 11:30 am his head just rolled over after 5 seconds of getting the injection.  We can't stop crying at home, one minute I'm comforting Barb & the next she is comforting me.  Ramo is just very tired & we know his time is soon too.  I go from sobbing hard as I type this to just feeling very sad, nothing else seems important now, and I still have presents to wrap.  Our family Christmases are always joyous, but this year it's gonna really be painful

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Dear Evie,  I am so very sorry to hear of your sweet Oozo’s passing.  I know nothing that I can say will ever make it right.  I can only offer that you are not alone in your sadness.  My husband and I just recently lost our dearest “Sidney-Pie”, our nearly 20-year old cat (and only pet), one week ago today, and we are simply devastated.  We know what you are going through.  It is especially very difficult to go through all of this right during the holidays.  We have been literally crying in the car going to and from holiday events…having to catch our grieving periods in between family functions and gatherings.  At least we have had each other to rely on, as you and your wife do, to get through this extremely painful experience. I know you miss Oozo more than you can ever express in any forum.  I know you and your wife loved him and cannot quite wrap your brains around his passing.  Who would have ever guessed that something so small could leave such a huge, gaping hole.  I’m so sorry.  Hug your wife as often as you can and hang in there.  If you need an “ear” PM me and I’ll drop you my email address.   


--Katerina (Sidney's Mom)

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Evie I am so very sorry for the loss of your beloved Oozo. I am glad you and your wife have each other. Our animals are such a huge part of our lives and leave such a void when the time comes for them to cross over. We have been there and know just how you are feeling. Nothing will heal but time. I have found comfort in books that speak of our relationships with animals. If you can, pick up "My Cat Saved My Life" by Phillip Shriebman or any book by Susan Chernak McElroy. They have provided me great comfort and perhaps will do the same for you. Some people have a gift to write very eloquently and respectfully of the human/ animal bond which can provide a much needed escape from a society that seems quite disrespectful of the loss. My thoughts are with you, your wife and Ramo as you adjust to life without Oozo. He will live on in your hearts. I hope,in time, you will open your hearts to adopting again. You are clearly  people who are able to provide a loving home to a cat in need. My thoughts are with you as you journey through this holiday season without Oozo. In time your heartbreak will turn to happy memories of the times you had together.
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