I’m so sorry for the loss of everyone's beloved friends.  We just lost our girl on September 10th.


Kali was fourteen, but in really good shape for her age.  About a month ago, she was diagnosed with a liver tumor, but unsure if it was benign or malignant.  Everything we researched said treatment of choice was surgery and there is often a complete recovery.


Two nights before the surgery, she and my husband spent the whole evening outside together.  At one point she chased a fox down our long driveway, but mostly was content just lying nearby.


The night before her surgery, we gave her a bath.  She ran around afterward like a puppy, rolling on her back – getting so excited she pounced on her bed in the living room and knocked over some items on the corner shelf.  She also sneaked up on my spot on the sofa while I was cooking dinner.  We went for a walk around the property.  We dropped a couple of pork chop tidbits on the kitchen and let her find them.  At 11:45pm, I brought her bowl of water to her to see if she wanted to drink some (no food or water after midnight), but she didn’t seem interested.  I kissed her and said goodnight.


We waited at the vets during surgery. At one point, the doctor gave us the choice of continuing on to remove the tumor or closing her back up.  It was in a very vascular area, so it would be risky with a lot of bleeding. 


We were told it was definitely cancer and she would only have about a month to live otherwise.  It was a hard decision.  But we decided to give her every possible chance to survive.  If we took her home, we would very soon have to decide when to have her euthanized, so they continued with the operation.  The tumor was removed, but she lost too much blood.  She was even given a transfusion, but she didn’t make it.  We cried and cried, but knew we made the best decision for her.


We took her home and laid her in front of the fireplace just we did with her brother, Kasi, three years ago.  The next morning we took her to be cremated.  In the days following, our cat Rocky would sit in front of the master bedroom doorway and meow.  That’s where Kali would sleep. He lost his buddy.


She was especially attached to my husband.  She needed to be by his side or, at least. know where he was always.  Not separation anxiety – she did fine when we left the house – she just needed to know he was ok when he was home.


We miss her so much – the house is so lonely without her…everything reminds us of her.  I keep thinking I see her or hear her collar jingling, but it’s only a shadow or another sound.  It’s hard to concentrate.  We are lost without her.   

Thanks for reading - I know this was long.  

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I'm so sorry for your loss of Kali.  :(

I know what you mean when you say everything reminds you of her.  Its been 11 days since I said goodbye to my Charlie and sometimes when my other cat walks by a door, I see the outline of her head and ears and for a second, I think its him.  Then, there's his toys, his favorite blanket, the spots he used to snuggle up in...etc.

Its hard but this forum has been helpful and everyone has been very understanding.  Its a good place to vent, share memories, and pictures.

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Thank you for the hugs, Tammy

Your boy Charlie is beautiful and reminds me a lot of our cat Spotty, who we lost in 2001.  
I agree it's good to have this forum.  I read and cry over everyone's stories.  I can relate to the heartache and grief they are going through.  

We gave away all of Kali's beds and other belongings because we couldn't bear to see them around the house.  We kept her food bowl and put her collar and little box of ashes in it on the fireplace hearth next to her brother's.

Take care,


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Francine:    You did everything for Kali, you couldn't have done more.  It all happened so quickly
so you would be devastated.  I am so sorry this happened and my heart reaches out to you. My little dog is inoperable -    I would have had any operation to save him but nothing will -  he has outlived the vet's prognosis of 4 weeks -  that was about 9 weeks ago, and he still has quality of life
but probably not for long. 
So much sorrow -      sending you hugs and blessings and wishes for peace for you,


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Thank you Kate - I don't know what's worse - knowing ahead of time and thinking you can prepare or having it happen suddenly.  We lost Kali's brother suddenly, but I'm not any less devastated this time - even though we knew she might not make it.  Just spend as much time with your pup as you can - make every day special.  I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers in the weeks to come.

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