Thank you all for the continuing support that we all need in times like these. Friday was the day I always picked Sophie up and we spent the day in Brandon, MS at our house. Then back to the Lake later to be with Gail. 

Today I picked up her ashes.............was doing OK until I looked into the bag. It contained a lock of her white hair and a plaster footprint. Lost it..... Time does heal but the aching for our girl will take awhile to ease and frankly I don't think any of us want that feeling of love to go away any time soon.

Thanks again for this outpouring of support from you all...

Mike, Gail and our girls Sadie and Sophie
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Mike, I know how picking up those ashes can really bring back a flood of emotions.  It is hard knowing our babies ashes are the last thing we will see on this side. But the one thing that has kept me going besides this wonderful place is the fact that I know that my Kaizer and my Maddie are restored to perfect health and are enjoying the company of the angels for this Christmas season.  My first loss in 2005 when I came here was due to a tragic accident my last two were sadly, the ones that I had to make to give my babies peace and release from suffering, can't say which is harder but none the less all my grief has been made a little lighter by the wonderful angels here. 
Please know that this is another step in your healing and you will always no matter how hard it is at times have your memories and the knowing that your baby is in a better place to give you some measure of comfort.  Hold onto that thought when the road is long and weary.  My wish for you is to find peace and a smile when you think of the memories that you have made on this side with your baby.
Prayers of continued healing coming your way
Debbie Princess, Kaizer & Maddie's mom
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