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I joined this group last summer when my dog Gabby passed.  She was a beautiful, loving and extremely intelligent miniature dachshund.  We were joined at the heart and soul, and those who knew us would say as much. She was my world, and sometimes I hoped that when she went, we would both go together though it would mean a shorter life for me on Earth. I just could not imagine life without her or the thought of her being gone, and now that it has happened I think she took my heart and happiness with her.  Being separated from her is more painful than I can say, but I go forward to serve God best I can and accomplishing the task he has for me here on Earth, with the hope I will one day see her again.

Which brings us to the topic of this post. A big concern for all of us is if our little loved ones are waiting for us on the other side. I believe that they are, and I have had several spiritual experiences that make my faith and belief in this even stronger.  

I am a syndicated columnist and author, and have written about these spiritual experiences in the final chapters of a website I created about the life Gabby and I shared together. Completely free and advertising-free,  it reads like a book and is illustrated with pictures and little videos, a memoir presented in 46 chapters, most of them short. I just launched it 3 days ago, but a few people who had a preview and who had lost pets said the final few chapters were helpful to them. Though loss is discussed in parts, it is meant to be a story of love, happiness, and hope and you will be amused by her antics if you read from start to finish!

The website and our story is called My Little Gabby and you can see it at  Please share it with others who you think may enjoy it, or those dealing with loss who may find it comforting.

-Don Lindich

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hi what a great thing to do for your Gabby, i did read alot of your postings on and it is amazing how much time and love you put into this for your little girl. What a tribute for Gabby, as i am sure she is wagging her lil' tail from above knowing that she is loved so much by you!! i will have to go back and read more at another time, but from just clicking on a few select chapters, you did a wonderful tribute for your baby!!!


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Thank you for your kind words.  I don't think any dog that has ever lived has had a site like this, or had their story told this way.  I am going to try and use my media connections to get publicity for it.  I won't make a cent and don't want to, I just want the world to know about Gabby and if anyone is suffering and wondering if their departed dog is in heaven, I want them to receive the messages I was sent as detailed in the "Heavenly Reunions?" chapter.

If you go back, try reading it from the beginning as some things later in the story will make more sense. Though there are a lot of chapters, most of them are very short and have pictures and videos to entertain you.

Please tell others about, especially if they have experienced loss as we have.

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