Our dog Max passed away about a week ago.  He was a border collie.  The really sad thing is that he was only six and a half months old when he died.  He didn't even get the chance to experience very much of life.  I've had pets die before, but I've never felt this awful after losing one.  I think part of it is just because he died at such a young age.  In some ways I can see how it would be harder to lose a pet that you've had for a long time, but in my opinion it's just absolutely awful to lose a pet at a really young age. 

Max died of pacreatitis.  His pancreas basically just died.  I also feel bad because we were feeding him some food other than dog food.  People that I've talked to have said that shouldn't kill a dog, but we had been giving him some extra food.  We have a farm where we have a garden with sweet corn in it.  We had been giving him some sweet corn along with some other food.  He just really liked it, so we just gave it to him without realizing what the consequences could be.  We don't know for sure if that's what caused his pancreas to become "angry."  The vet said that it could've been anything.  But, it certainly didn't help.  I would do anything to just go back in time and try to change what happened. 

We didn't really even have much warning that he was going to die.  A few weeks before he died, he did have an incident where he was throwing up and didn't have much energy for a couple days.  But, he seemed to get over it and acted fine after that.  After that initial episode he acted fine up until a couple days before he died.  He was a very hyper dog and was running around and acting crazy even just three or four days before he died.  But then a couple days before he died, he seemed to lose all of his energy and laid around.  He threw up and wouldn't eat.  He still drank water.  We finally took him to the vet, and the vet determined his pancreas was dead.  I was simply shocked that a dog that had an abundance of energy just three or four days prior could have a "dead" pancreas.  The vet told us that puppies basically "want to feel good," so they'll ignore the pain and discomfort until they just can't take it anymore.  Then, they'll die very quickly.  That's basically what happened with Max.  He went from being a very energetic dog to being dead just a few days later.  

I just feel terrible about it because I feel that all of this was avoidable.  He may have been all right if we had just fed him dog food and nothing else.  And, if we had taken him to the vet initially during his first episode, perhaps the vet could've discovered what was wrong with him and could've given him antibiotics to help him.  I would do anything to go back in time and try to change what happened, but I can't.  There's just always so much regret when something like this happens, looking back and realizing that things should've been done differently.  I just thought that it wasn't abnormal for a dog to get sick.  He acted like he was over his initial sickness, so I didn't realize that he actually had a major problem.  I just feel so terrible about what happened to him.  He was a great dog.  He was very friendly, loved playing with my nephews, was nice and friendly to everyone, would always run up to greet you when you pulled into the yard, etc.  I miss him like crazy.

I'll try to find a picture of him sometime and post it.

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Oh Brett, I am so so sorry for your terrible loss. Your Max was just a baby and that makes it especially tough to accept. Please don't blame yourself, I know it's easier said than done. If only there was a time machine, we'd all be on it to go back and change something we think we should have done differently. Even if we could it doesn't guarantee that the outcome would be different. I'm sorry this happened to you and my heart goes out to you.
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Brett, i'm so sorry for your loss. Whether we have them for 6 months or 6 years I think the pain is the same. They come into our lives and immediately make them a million times better with their carefree, happy personalities. I'm slowly accepting that it's human nature to question EVERYTHING, but unfortunately we cannot turn back time (and trust me, I would love to pet my sweet Rookie again or take him on a long walk). Just remember Max knows how much you loved him. When you're ready, post a picture and post- everyone on this forum understands your pain.
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Brett,  want to offer my condolences and to comment on that how old our companions were or how long they were with us
does not matter as to the depth of our grief or the love that we shared with them

but Rookiesmama has said it so much better than I could have.   Thank you for that, it was important that I saw this.
since I've been having some issues with people I talk with making some judgements about how big a loss it was
based on how long they were with us or how old they were, but its as she mentions, that does not matter. 

Again Brett, my thoughts are with you and your family.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Max. It's hard to lose a pet when they're still so young, and he sounds like he was such a wonderful dog. I know that in the first few weeks after losing my cat, Dante, I dealt with a lot of feelings of guilt and I found all kinds of reasons to blame myself for his illmess. It's normal, but I hope that you will eventually realize, as I did, that none of it was your fault. We do the best we can, and that's all we can expect of ourselves.
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You are gone, my special boy, but I will love you forever. R.I.P.
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Thank you all for the kind and encouraging words.  I really appreciate it.  I'll try to find a picture to upload in the next few days.
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Kidney disease took my dog early too at 8 1/2 years. Every day I feel hurt knowing he didn't get to live an adequate life span. That being said I find solace in knowing I at least gave him a good life, and he was fairly happy to the very end.
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