Its been a week since you've been gone and its not getting any easier, We miss you so much, your sister misses you too. 

Nemo was a special soul that gave us his unconditional love for 15 years, well 13 years to me because that's when I first met him, but 15 years to my wife who has had him since birth.  Nemo was a Pekingese/Chihuahua, a beautiful pup with so much love to give.  Ive been heartbroken before but this one really hurts, knowing he will never be able to go with us anywhere or be there when we come home to greet us. 

He was diagnosed with a heart murmur and an enlarged heart last year around May when we noticed he seemed to be breathing a little hard.  So the vet put him on enalapril then some lasix to help with the breathing.  Then around September we had to take him back in and they put him on Vet-Medin as well, he would have his ups and downs but for the most part still be ok.  It was these last two months where it was really heartbreaking, he had such a bad breathing episode on Thanksgiving Eve we thought we were going to lose him, we called the Vet and they said there wasnt anything they could do for him, but he pulled through.  We decided to try another Vet on Dec 30th for a second opinion and they told us his heart was pushing against his trachea and causing him to have difficulty breathing, they took him off of Vet-Medin and increased his Lasix.  he only lasted 3 more weeks after this, I tried telling the vet I didnt think the Lasix was working as good to clear out his lungs but they have there protocol and Im not a vet.  On his last day I came home for lunch and we had to run a few errands, I decided to take him and his sister with us, he loved to go with us everywhere, he was doing great, head out the window barking at people and being his normal self, then at night things got really bad, he was having another breathing episode, head up in the air.  He went to his mom and put his head on her lap, we think he was telling her it was time for him to go.  He didnt want to be around us and my wife decided that she wanted him to be at home on his terms when he left.  He went under the bed and left us on my wifes birthday. 

Seeing him suffer like that has me feeling a horrible guilt, I have asthma and I know how it feels to not be able to breathe, it is the scariest feeling ever, I cant imagine how he felt and its tearing me up inside.  His lungs filled with fluid and he suffocated.  Its such a heart wrenching thing to witness to someone you love so much and there is nothing you can do to help.  I try to remember all of the good times but I just cant get the image out of my head of him not being able to breath, My poor wife... their bond was so special and strong, he wouldnt ever leave her side for anything.  Same with his sister, we are so heartbroken for her as she wanders around the house looking for her brother to give him a bath.  Im so lost without him, were so lost without him.  He taught us so much, he was our glue when everything seemed so broken, when my grandfather (father) passed and I was crying he sat right next to me then out of nowhere looked right to the left of me and barked like he seen something, he let me know my grandfather was there and he was ok. We knew his time would eventually come but just not like this.  I will forever love our little Nemo and I feel like we let him down.  Our family will never be the same without him.

Rest easy Nemo, we will forever love and remember you! I hope we meet again someday my best friend!

Our hearts will never be the same without you...

Nemo's last day with his sister... breaks my heart :(

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Hold on tight to each other and don't let least you have that -- each other.  
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To Nemo's parents~~Thank you for your post, picture & amazing video. His love for you shines bright from the screen as he is 'talking' & 'singing'. I am so sorry to hear about your loss and his last 3 weeks. Try to erase any feeling of guilt. I know it's hard. We all understand this.  But please please know that you did everything that you could do for your best bud. And he knows it too. Maybe when he knew it was his time...he went under the bed so you wouldn't have that image of him trying to breathe as he was crossing over the bridge. You gave him so much love & he knew how much you loved & still love him. I have no doubt about this after reading what you wrote. His sister is also grieving. The pain is so wicked...and you're right. It will never be the same-- without him. I hope that you can give Nemo's sister extra love & hugs. And then try to face each day...moment to moment...because to me...that's the only way to get through these unbearable days & nights. Hugs,KC
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Thank you for the kind words!  This is so hard to deal with, lots of tears and lots of heartache.  He is missed so much.  He was quite the singer and he always knew how to comfort us when we were upset.  He was an old soul, a special soul that knew our emotions by sensing them, so strange how he would just know if something was wrong, he would always jump up on our laps and put his head next to ours and rub into us letting us know he was there for us, always giving us hugs and kisses, I have so many videos of him doing that.  There will never be another Nemo, he was just so different and magical to us.  These days are not getting any easier we miss him dearly. :(
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So very sorry on the loss of your beautiful Nemo, what a lovely video of him singing. We lost our best ever little friend Jim just over 7 weeks ago, the grief is just dreadful, after 17 years of complete happiness with him - for him to suddenly no longer to be there is beyond belief.
 Nemo sounds like he was a wise little soul, to the way he helped you over the loss of your Grandfather, to the way he went under the bed at the end - like he was trying to shield you both. Don`t ever feel like you let him down, you gave him the best care, as well as love and security for all of his life - if he could he`d thank both yourself and your wife for the lovely life you gave him - and his sister. It`s so unfair that we don`t have our precious dogs for longer, but we can look back at all the wonderful memories they made with us during their time with us. I feel your pain right now - I thought I was going to go mad with grief for the first week or so after we lost Jim - it gradually gets better, though even now I have really awful days, It takes as long as it takes - testimony to how very much we loved them.  
          Hugs to you , your wife and Nemo`s sister.
                           Jackie. x

J Taylor
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Its been a month since you've been gone and its still so hard to comprehend that you will never be with us to go anywhere, We miss you so much Nemo, your momma cries all the time, we have your ashes and put them with us in whatever room we are in just to be near you.  Your sister Lola still looks around for you, always going to wherever your favorite spots to go outside... This has been so hard for us, always know that you will forever be loved my little best friend...forever.

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