Is it possible?  We have two other cats and a dog and it seems they are looking for molly, everywhere under the bed, all over.  they seemed to be depressed, is it possible that they are after three weeks.  I miss her so much I can't stand it, is it possible that they too are grieving for their sister?
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I absolutely believe they are grieving and missing her. I have two dogs that are looking around for my sweet dog Howie that passed away on the 8th of December. Animals feel all kinds of emotions....anger, happiness, being frightened, etc. I am sure that they can feel and know that Molly is somehow missing from the home. I read up a little on this and it says to try to just spend as much time as you can with your grieving pets and to also try to keep their routines as normal as possible.

I am sorry for your loss of Molly. I wish you peace and comfort in the days to come.
How lucky I am to have had something that I loved so much. Love to my Howie....always and forever.
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