Our sweet Tazzy boy has almost been gone a week. :(. I don't think our other two puppers caught on for the first day or two but when our girl did, she seems devastated. She used to act like she hated him but we did used to catch them cuddling. I guess it takes time? We have another dog Charlie that she used to get along with so good with and now they are fighting non stop....


Daisy laying with Taz :(. Just a few days before he crossed the bridge)
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Im so sorry for your loss. I too just lost my dog Murphy last week. The grief is like a suitcase full of rocks that I carry around with me all day. I'm hoping it gets better. Just know you are not alone in your pain. Your baby's pictures are beautiful. I really wish I could say something to heal your heart, all I can do is send you good energy and remind you ( and myself ) that all pain in temporary and will not last forever. The ones we love never really leave us.

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