My little Osacr is 17 now. He came to us when he was just 4 weeks old. We bottle fed him until he was old enough to eat. We lived in an apartment and already had a dog and another cat. When he was old enough I took him and two other kitties to a pet store. They wouldn't take Oscar because he was black and white and it was just before Halloween. I took him back home with me and here we are 17 years later. The best decision we ever made. We lost Punky our other kitty in 2013 and Joejoe our Chihuahua in 2014. Oscar has had crystals which he overcame like a trooper. We now boil chicken breast which he gets once a day with a lot if water in it. He hasn't had any problems since. I have noticed recently that he doesn't move as easily as he used to. He no longer jumps up on the top of the pantry. He seems to be slowing down. The vet says he is in great health for his age. I still find myself trying to prepare for the end. We lost Punky very suddenly due to a stroke.Joejoe had to be euthanized because of heart and kidney failure.I'm just not ready to loose Oscar.
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