Hello All-
I am very sad.
Someone left five four week old kittens in our hay barn a week ago. When I found them they were starving and suckling the smallest kitten which resulted in damage to his "private part". I tried so hard to save him. Been to the vet several times. I had to run him in today because that area was so engorged with urine and apparently it had healed over partially. I was up all night with him but he was playing and eating. What a fighter. I became very close to him.
There was no saving him but the vet tried also. He was simply too little to catheterize and it was risky. They did manage to draw some urine out with a needle. I asked them to euthanize him rather than make him suffer anymore. He was quite the fighter. I grew quite attached to him. His brothers and sisters are all fine after some dewormer. They are cute and looking for homes. Im so unhappy for that little one that didn't get a chance. He was quite the little fellow too.
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I'm so sorry that you had to say goodbye to your little kitten after such a short time but take comfort in the fact that he had someone who stayed up with him, played with him, and gave him love, comfort, and a chance.  Even though he didn't make it, it warms my heart that you cared enough to try so hard.  I'm glad the other kittens are doing well and hope they find good homes.

Again, I'm sorry for your loss.

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I live in a rural area and hear a lot about animals being dumped. Its such a cruel thing to do. The fact you took them all in providing them with care shows how loving you are! You gave him so much love in his short life. I'm sorry the outcome wasnt what you wanted. You tried so hard and I believe that kitten knows he was loved an someone fought for him.
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I took him home from the vet and gave him a very loving burial next to another favorite kitty, Leroy, who passed about a year ago. Was extremely difficult and sad.
Thank you for the replies- it means a lot
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Thank you for your kindness, the world needs more people like you. I am so sorry the little guy did not make it. But he had your love and warn embrace as he drifted off to sleep. He is safe now.

Duncan & Myles Mom xx
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It warms my heart to read of your love for the little one, and the others.
In his short life he has known deep love from you, and safety.  Blessings to you, you are a
very kind person.  

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