Hi everyone, 

A few weeks ago we noticed some swelling on my cat Meeko’s cheek. He let me poke and prod the bump, didn’t seem bothersome at all. 
We had a biopsy done and it came back as oral squamous cell carcinoma. We spoke to our normal vet, who is a board certified feline vet, and had a second opinion from a highly recommended surgeon, and decided it would be best to spoil him even more in the time he has left, as opposed to surgery or chemo/radiation. I am completely heartbroken. This cat is my world, my soulmate. Even my husband jokes how I love Meeko the most. I don’t know how I’m going to do this. 

I’m so scared too. I don’t want to see him or pain or suffer at all. He’s acting so normal, but I’m so worried and scared about having to watch him decline. 

I know everyone says I’ll know when it’s time, and I know I will. I have my husband who is a huge support but I am just broken over this. 

I just came here to vent I guess? And to talk to people who truly understand. Meeko is my baby, I’m so afraid to lose him. 

Thank you all for sharing your stories on other posts, and for reading mine. 

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