Our 7 year old lab was diagnosed with an oral melanoma back in September. We opted out of treatment since it wasn’t going to help him much and only prolong his life by a couple of months.

Now he tumor seemed to have grown overnight and is now swelling and it’s noticeable from the side of is face. And now he seems to be constantly bleeding from his mouth. He drools blood when he’s laying down, sleeping etc.

Has this happened to anyone else and was there anything you could do about the bleeding? Have any of your pets been diagnosed with a melanoma? Seems like the worst type of cancer there is.

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Rocco, I’m so sorry your boy is so sick. I think you made the right decision not to prolong his suffering if the treatment wasn’t going to help. In making that decision you allowed him to enjoy his life and it was very brave of you: you acted in his best interests! Now sadly it may be time to look at his quality of life. If he is suffering you may want to make that terrible decision sooner than later. I wish you strength and peace at this very painful time! I hope you will post an update. Hugs to you!
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rocco, so sorry to hear this.  has there been any update?
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